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Results: Are Loot Boxes a Blight on Gaming?

Welcome to the results for this week's topic! The topic of loot boxes seems to be a heated one among the community. While there was a lot of distaste for the RNG boxes there was also some positivity amongst the sea of comments. A lot ...


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Inspired by a fever dream of Sean Daisy, Debatoid offers a subject for two sides; two peers give their case against or for the subject and YOU decide the outcome!

If you weren't around in 2011, this probably seems to be a brand new concept. I plan on trying to do a debate twice a month where I find two community members to fight for or against a subject. Once I find two members, I will flip a coin to see which side they are on. They may not even agree with the stance that they are taking but that's the fun of the debate. You are here to make your case with facts and personal experience to try to get the community on your side.

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Are loot boxes a blight on Gaming?