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My Mini City That's my thriving metropolis. Sure, it has less than 10 people but that can change with tourism. If you visit, your view adds a single person to the city. The community will develop and grow more vast ...


More G4 News!

Just revealed at 7:15,October 15 is the announcement of covering MLG! They will also show Lost 2.0. And the Hero's announcement? It's gonna have an interactive post show that(i think) lasts an hour long. That will show clips, interviews and...


The best game in the World is:

I can't say. There is no one game that tops them all. Sure, your opinion may say otherwise and you could come up with 100 reviewers that orgasmed over it too but that does not make it good. Just because the game your thinking of right now i...


Sequels:Good or bad?

As I write this, I think of the countless franchises being forwarded. I think of the 3's and 4's and 5's coming out and I wonder. Why? Why is it a good idea to rely so heavily on a franchise? Look at Naruto. Look at how many of those games ...


[insert wit here]

What's with games today half-assing dialog and storyline? Every game I play recently throws in the standard "Explain plot through cutscene then player plays then another cutscene" formula. Why do I need to beat a level to learn the deeper p...


Go Betas!

I think Beta's are the way to go with games. Fuck E3, release a Beta. Wouldn't it be great if all of the game companies just made their games Betable? I understand some games can't get the Beta treatment, but with Reserving orange box and g...


What makes a good game?

It's all of you. The gamers. Some of you make games. Some of you review them. Some of you just play them. But the truth is the gamers have all the power in this industry. You know why E3,Tokyo game show and the rest exist? To tell gamers a...


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