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How Epic Games just ruined Fortnite for Nintendo Switch and mobile players.


Fortnite is arguably the most succesful game that has ever existed. It has hundreds of millions of players, of all ages, from all over the world. A couple of really neat things about Fortnite is the fact that it's on almost any device or platform you can buy (Rip iphone users), and the fact that it has crossplay. Crossplay is a fairly new thing in games and, in theory, it sounds great! You can play with anyone no matter what platform they happen to be on or you happen to be on. It's great for families who all have different electronics, or groups of friends who have different platforms.

The thing about it is, it's also a double edged sword. You see, you aren't given the OPTION to play crossplay; it's forced. Across all platforms. In every mode. What this means is that you could be on a 2015 android getting 15 fps, or a nintendo switch getting MAYBE 30 fps, and be placed in lobbies with pros and streamers who have five thousand dollar pcs or PS5s. Naturally, that person will more than likely destroy you, if you even make it far enough to fight them. The fact that they can get up to 8! times the frames Switch users do, at the very least, makes it seem kind of unfair. Take into account that they have an entire keyboard and a mouse with however many buttons to use, and usually have an edit speed that is lightning fast, along with amazing aim because THEY HAVE A MOUSE, you start to feel that maybe the odds are even more stacked against you than they would be in a Fortnite game anyway. Why should someone who's on 200 dollar hardware be forced to fight someone who's setup is in the thousands of dollars range?

You see here's the kicker though. Back in Chapter 2, Season 1, skill based matchmaking was introduced into the game; and there was and is a lot of controversy surrounding that fact. Epic Games also said that all systems would be grouped together from that point on, there would be no platform specific lobbies anymore; probably mostly to help que times stay low. Bot's were also added to the game for this reason. It's clear Epic wants low que times. For me, all of a sudden the game felt MUCH easier; to the point that I got close to 600 solo wins in Season 1. I was rated among the top players in the world on fortnite ranking sites. This went on for 5 seasons, until the awful truth hit. Epic games had in some capacity lied to us about grouping all of the platforms together. I play on switch, and I got tons of wins and legend ranks for each season, ending with hundreds of wins.

Then Season 6 started and something had changed. Now all of a sudden I was getting killed a LOT, by people that were on pc and such. (I looked up some user names) Now the striking realization hit me, I am a mid level scrub at best at Fortnite, which I secretly kind of suspected all along. Epic games had ACTUALLY combined all the servers now, and I wasn't going to be able to get wins like I used to playing against people on switch. It's like the goal posts were moved. Here I was thinking I was one of the best players in the world, and now I wasn't even making it out of spawn. People were rushing my box like their lives depended on it, ravenously like they HAD to kill me or they would be shot irl or something. People were building literal circles around me, and editing and popping off shots so fast I had no other recourse than to just take it like a man and TRY to shoot back. It was infuriating, and did a number on my somewhat fragile ego.

This game that i've spent close to a thousand dollars on, and been in love with for years, had all of a sudden turned into a soul crushing exercise in disappointment. I was still winning sometimes, but I went from winning 1/4 games to 1/10. That may not seem like a big difference, but oh boy it is. After you've been playing for hours, getting so close to the win only to be killed by a streamer you actually watch, or a pro that is so good you wonder how you got lobbied with them, it really starts to make the game unenjoyable; especially if you were fooled into thinking you were actually good by Epic's lies about all platforms playing together and the arguably awful skill based matchmaking.

It feels like I got to the last boss in a game, and won, only to find out that someone had put in a cheat code while I wasn't looking, rendering my win somewhat hollow. It turns out that last boss was way harder than I thought, and now, trying to do it legitimately, I was getting my ass kicked. Nothing about me had changed, I played the same way I always did, which had served me fine in the past, the game itself had changed around me. Now I was playing people who were vastly superior to me, and that honestly sucked! 

This may just sound like a lot of whining from a baddie, but the truth is, I'm decent at Fortnite. I know the game inside and out; but I just cannot compete with people on hardware that is so much more expensive, and thus, better than mine. It's gotten so bad I even started playing apex and some other games. Fortnite used to be the only game I played for a couple years. Now that enjoyment has been soured by this merging of servers. I wish epic would think about these thigns before they changed them. A lot of people have been complaining about sbmm lately, I'm not the only one. I think a lot of people on cheaper hardware kind of feel screwed over here, because people that have more money and better hardware are now getting a lot of easy wins picking us off. How are we supposed to compete with that? Save up thousands of dollars and buy a pc?

No, I don't want to do that. I live on a fixed income, and I like playing on my switch, and I should be able to have a fair match in a game this size. If I have to wait an extra 30 seconds to get that game, I'm ok with it. Sadly I think Epic will stick to their guns on this decision, but we can always keep bitching until they actually take notice. Switch and Mobile players have been historically screwed by Epic, and this seems to be a trend they don't mind repeating. Here's to hoping maybe they can balance sbmm a bit better in the future, because the game is just such a chore to play right now. Please Epic, do something! I wanna feel good about myself again. :'(

- I don't know karate but I know carazy.

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