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Gaming is Important

I sit here not having written any kind of article for 2 years, non the less I'm giving it a one off shot. This will be a fairly simple post and is a way of showing why gaming is important to me and what impact it's had on my life. I was bo...


Gaming IS serious business.

OK so I wanted to get serious in this post, I have been a gamer since I was kid anyone who's ever known me knows I like to game and believe it or not a lot of my friend are gamers. Now I just wanted to talk about how gamers are stereotyped...


Chess Titans - The Ultimate Review

So as my previous post has stated I have a pretty shitty laptop when it comes to gaming, I used to have a decent desktop however that is now covered in dust and outdated (until I get my new one soon!). Loading up my laptop I look through a...


Greetings and Welcome

I've written blogs before but I don't think I've ever felt more pressure of writing an introductry then right now, I sense all yours eyes reading over this analyzing my every word about to jump in a flame me for one reason or another so let...


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Hello, Lets say my name is Mike. I'm from the UK and have been playing games since a wee lad, Currently studying networking and hoping to build a new rig sooner or later.