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The Lost Gaming Daydreams

This is something we all go through when we're growing up, everything can feel a lot less magical and your child-like glee and curiosity begins to fade. This doesn't cause many problems in our video game world though as many of us have played games since we were kids all the way up to being adults, never ceasing to entertain us.

I'm only 19 now myself (20 this year.) and I haven't stopped playing since the day I was first introduced to the Mega Drive and a delicious copy of Sonic 2. I don't see myself putting a stop to gaming in my lifetime and it's something I look forward to continue following with a passion throughout the rest of my life, however the way I play games has changed as has my attitude towards them. Like all things in life growing up has had its upsides and downsides with video games.

Of course the great thing about growing up is gaining a stronger appreciation for things. I can appreciate films, tv shows, music, books and video games much more than I ever could as a kid and maybe that's a fair trade.

I might not be able to play games whilst daydreaming of absurd scenarios but I can now get a deeper sense of love and enjoyment out of what I play and that's something I would definitely never give up without a fight within my poor weird mind.

In the end I'm happy I never lost the passion for playing video games and that it continues to grow stronger to this very day.
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