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My Hot Steamy Love Affair with MGS3: Snake Eater

The past month or so has really been one of the most interesting periods of my life when it comes to gaming, all down to me deciding to finally check out what this Metal Gear fuss was all about. I've talked about relatively in-depth about MGS1 which I showered with praise and respect but I also talked about MGS2 which sadly failed to resonate with me as the first game did and failed to spark any passionate love from me.

So going I was somewhat cautious and worried as I went into Snake Eater, honestly I found myself in the same place as I did with the first game, I did not think I would enjoy this game. It's set mainly in a jungle area? The little map showing the guards is gone? It's a prequel so I won't be seeing any Solid Snake or Otacon? Those points and more put me off it but I was also equally eager to like it considering how disappointed I was by not enjoying MGS2.

So I'm more than happy to say Snake Eater did more than just please me and make up for MGS2, it went up above and beyond exceeding multiple games I've played in my short time and has now earned its self a place in one of my favourite games of all time. This is a game I hated to put down for even a second and every waking hour spent way from it felt shockingly torturous. I can't hold myself back any more either, opening and introductions be damned I need to talk about why Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater is one of my favourite games of all time.

There's oh so much more I have to say about this game but to do so would result in me having to Kickstart a novel for my full thoughts on the game along with a free CD in which I sob myself to sleep over how much I love Snake Eater.

This game brought back a feeling and sensation that I sometimes forget about, yet it's a feeling that ultimately dictates and lets you know you're playing something special. The feeling of when you glance across your room to see the time is 2am and even though you have to get up early the next day the very idea of not playing any further is too horrendous to comprehend. The feeling of despair as you save your game and select 'Quit', the feeling of descending doom of depression as you turn the console off and climb into bed still itching to play more, and finally the depraved feeling of twisting and turning in the night as you struggle to find sleep as your thoughts always wonder back to the game that has ever so wonderfully seduced you.

Very few games work their way into my mind and heart as powerfully as Snake Eater has done. I've played plenty of new games this year that I've enjoyed but the true evidence of a game that has become special to you is where it pains you to leave it. As if you've entered some sort of dark, taboo affair with the game and every sweet second spent together is like sugar upon your lips yet every second spent away from it is like needles to the groin.

The only downside to how much I loved this game is that I'm now terrified of playing any more Metal Gear games. Next on my list is MGS4 yet I'm frightened of not enjoying it, I don't want to be back at the place I was with MGS2 where I felt no connection, passion or love. Not that I think MGS4 will be a bad game but because I struggle to see my experience with this game could be topped any further in the franchise, despite the advancements of technology and the fact Snake Eater is an 8 year old game I feel like my mind has been forever tainted and any other Metal Gear game will pail heavily in the eyes of Snake Eater.

This doesn't mean I'm stopping here though, I shall do my best to detach myself from my expectations and appreciate MGS4 for what it is, perhaps it will offer something as equally new and wonderful to me just as Snake Eater did. Above all I'm happy that I was able to enjoy a Metal Gear game once more but even more happy that I took a chance on the franchise because as a result I was met with what is definitely one of my favourite games of all time.

This is a game that will one moment hit you with the pains of betrayal and then the next moment have your British General on the radio turning into a fan girl over James Bond and spending 10 minutes explaining to you why he's so brilliant. The game has the ability to appeal to almost every sense of emotion all without somehow feeling messy, muddled or schizophrenic. It perfectly camouflages to the situation at hand to fully immerse when most necessary, a truly brilliant timeless game.

What a Thrill...[youtube]
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