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Exclusivity is (mostly) Bad, except for when Nintendo is involved


You know when you hear about something somebody is upset about and you instantly becoming exhausted trying to comprehend how anybody could possibly care or be upset about said 'something'? Well this Quantum Break controversy is one of them, although calling it a controversy is probably giving the whole thing a bit too much credit, more of a very small crowd of loud idiots kicking up a fuss.

Since I'm trying to make things on a regular basis I thought I'd whip up a video about the whole thing and why what Microsoft is doing is not only a good thing but also why exclusives are (mostly) a bullshit practice, also some other vomited up random thoughts below that I didn't stuff into the video, enjoy!

Now in the video I go on a bit about how Nintendo would make insane amounts of profit if they released their games on other platforms, and although I still think that's true, I think they out of all the companies almost have a greater claim to keeping things exclusive.

In a generation that has been full of broken, glitchy and buggy games, in many ways Nintendo is one of the last few leading developers and publishers who aren't shitting out half baked turds into our waiting hands. The Nintendo Seal of Quality is something they long proudly boasted about, if anything it's a brand they should bring back because that Seal holds a lot more weight in these times. But then just the name Nintendo in general, at least in my mind is very closely associated with high quality games, and when I say high quality I'm talking about technical polish, not so much the actual critical entertainment value of their games. When I buy a Nintendo developed game I have never once felt worried about the game being broken, it's just not a thought that ever crosses my mind, although it's rare for me to pre-order anything these days I'm always happy to do it with a Nintendo game.

But everyone else? Well I always wait for launch now, obviously this is the smartest thing to do, people should wait for release, see the state of the game and wait for reviews to roll in. But that really speaks to how little confidence the audience has in publishers these days, despite not being a Street Fighter fan I'm actually incredibly excited and interested for the upcoming sequel. But I'm worried they're pushing it out the gate too early so it doesn't run well (and with it being a fighting game you NEED it to run well). I'm worried it's barely going to have any content due to being rushed out, I'm worried they're just going to make valuable content that should have been in the game, over-priced. All these thoughts running through my head, instead of feeling a strong genuine confidence that Capcom are about to deliver a strong product.

Because of this it really reinforces the Seal of Quality aspect that is related to Nintendo, throw in the fact their games are kept relatively pricey long into their shelf life and the Nintendo brand begins to feel like a premium one. If it wasn't for the fact they love their bright colorful cuddly games and their weird bizarre consoles they'd probably end up feeling on par with Apple in some ways. (at least when Apple felt more relevant a few years back.) Now obviously if Nintendo decides to go multi-platform that doesn't mean they'd have to lose that quality aspect to them, but the fact that they only develop for their own hardware, of which they are always deeply familiar with and always manage to squeeze fantastic performance from probably has a lot to do with how they've maintained this streak of impressive quality.

So yeah, I'm for all games to be widely accessible to everybody, but in some ways I almost prefer Nintendo keeping to themselves, after all their charm to me is that they just do what they want, they don't care what's popular or what people want, they just do what they enjoy and hope that the rest of us enjoy it too, and it's that sort of genuine attitude that's hard not to love. So until other publishers and developers sort out this mess they're in, I'd like to keep Nintendo as the shining example among all of the fecal matter, and I've only just realized that I spent this entire piece talking about Nintendo instead of Quantum Break...

I guess we're just gonna have to deal with that.

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