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My Need For Speed: Pro Street Review Yaay!

Well today I picked up Need for Speed: Pro Street for 360. It seemed like a good idea at the time anyway, well I put the game in and the intro video played which I might add was pretty awesome. The cut scene's are just as good as the actual...


Complete awesome.

So a few weeks ago ron had incited me to come out to to meet him and some others / awesome people. (which includes tiff and her awesomeness). Anyway, I had an awesome time, Drank just a few beers...just a few, Ate a lot of food (and husky m...


Wisdom Teeth Conspiracy?

Did I really need to get them out? probably not. Did they bother me? not at all. So why in the hell would I have them pulled? because a Dr. told me to? of course. Well now I'm fucking stuck with eating soups and shit when I want to eat stea...


MMORPG and the pain they bring.

Ok so I have played FFXI and WoW for about 4-5 years, but I have stopped playing them for a few months. I have noticed that 2 of my friends who have wives have been wanting to go out and need more attention now-a-days. Could it be that the ...


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About me: Well I am currently employed as a body shop Detailer, which means I pretty much do nothing useful! sw33t!, It's how I make the moola. Any who I am currently trying to go through college ( lol ) for an Associates degree. I still live with the folks but thats ok they pay for gas and food! I do eat like a few cows a day or so.

Hobbies: Paintball, Video Games!, Trying not to kill myself, Touching Myself!, Now I found out about Blogging and how much fun it is....lol, Smoking Cigarettes, Drinking Beer!, Trying to Make blog entries like a scholar. thats about it.