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Blog Between Blogs: Shiny Drilbur Edition


Welcome to another wonderful edition of Blogs Between Blogs; you know, that thing Daxelman does when he canít think to write up a blog on a singular topic. Iíve got nothing more demeaning to talk about, so yeah, letís get to it.

College Update! Iíve been accepted to the three colleges Iíve applied too; Southern Methodist University, Drexel University, and Rochester Institute of Technology. This makes me incredibly happy and also serves as a major boost of confidence for myself. Looking at all the other students in AP/IB/GT programs, I always felt that I was the one kid who got stuck in these programs because I would just do my work when told to, and I wasnít really that smart or creative at all. Itís nice to know some colleges would take me, and it doesnít make me feel all that mediocre anymore.

Now the big challenge is figuring out which one to commit to. SMU is a good choice because itís close to family and friends, but Iíve been in Texas all but 5 years of my life, so yeah, I think itís time to expand my horizons a bit. Rochester is my dream college; the campus is beautiful, the college is subtly nerdified (they have an eatery called Ctrl-Alt-Deli), and itís in New York, which means itís one train ticket away from the Nintendo World Store in New York City. Drexel is one Iím not so sure about; Itís in Philadelphia, and Iíve never been there, but itís within driving distance of PAX, it's Independence City 101, and fuck yeah real Philly Cheese Steaks.

I guess Iíll just look at financial aid packages and figure out who I can scrounge up the money for. Did I mention college is expensive? Damn, college is expensive.

Like everyone else who has a DS/3DS, I got Pokťmon Black, and Iíve been enjoying it so far. Itís amazing how the littlest of changes can make the biggest difference in a game. Stuff like having the Pokťmon Center and the Poke-Mart in the same place, or giving you a free counter for your starters type weakness, or even letting loose the requirement for having a badge to use HM moves; itís all made the game that much more fun.

Iím progressing at a rather slow pace though, but thatís do to me actually taking time to play Pokťmon the way Iíve always wanted to play it; actually thinking like a smart trainer and leveling up all of my Pokťmon and not just my starter. Every gym I encounter, I first capture a few type counters, then I train the up, and then I train up the rest of my Pokťmon for backup. At this rate, I still have a few Pokťmon that are in their teens, such as Patrat and Lillipup, but thatís because I found Drilbur (and later, Excadrill) and heís fucking amazing. I mean, heís a mole, with scissors for claws! How baller is that?

You wanna know what else is totally baller? The animations and how they bring real character to the Pokťmon. Emboar is like ďI am so fucking huge, you donít even know!Ē and Scraggy is like ďBitch, when I pull my skin back up, Iímma fucking waste you, Wu-Tang style.Ē All of the subtle animations actually make the Pokťmon speak in my mind. Itís also neat to notice a few small animation quirks, like when Blitzle uses and electric attack, heíll glow yellow, or Pikachu waving at you you.

All in all, Pokemon Black/White has been the definitive Pokťmon experience for me. Now that Iíve got my Wi-Fi working again, Iíll be making a new team to try out on the global battling circuts when the servers come back up. Japan can take itís time though; I donít think Iíll be getting past the Elite 4 for awhile. Iím still freaking out about that bridge section. Did you guys see that? THERE ARE TRUCKS IN THE POKEMON UNIVERSE!

Also, if anyone has a Shiny Drilbur, I will give you all I have for it. All I have.

There are a lot of games coming out that I really wanna play, but the thing thatís been nagging at my mind now is this SMT: Persona craze the rest of you have all been on. Iíve been hankering to try out at least one of the titles for awhile now, because I need more turn based RPGís with cool art direction. Persona seems to fulfill both of those requisites, but I feel as if Iíd rather play the portable versions on the PSP rather than use my old PS2, partially because it would be easier to find the PSP versions, and that I donít want to hook up more cables to the back of my TV.

I donít have a PSP though, so Iíll work on that first. In the mean time, I can take relief in the fact that SMT: Devil Survivor 2 will be coming out on the DS (hopefully in America), which also has an art style I really like. I'll try to get the first one, but at least I donít need to run out and buy a 3DS tomorrow. Not like I would have been able to (now matter how much I want too), but hell, Iíll do anything for anything that reminds me of Durararah!! (Is that too many raís?)

And now for some bullet points, because hell yeah:

ē Iím going to buy the fuck out of Dragon Age 2 after Portal 2, and Iím going to shag the fuck out of Isabella, with a female Hawke. Crude? Maybe. Giving a fuck? Nope.

ē While weíre on Dragon Age 2, Iím probably the only person who thinks the console version is better than the PC version (along with thinking the game is good at all).

ē Crysis 2 seems to be something I should pick up. I mean, Iíve got this new graphics card, might as well use it.

ē Fuck Shogun 2. And itís optimized for Intel 2nd Gen Chips

ē When is Torchlight 2 coming out?

ē I almost forgot about Brink, but yeah, thatís happing in May. I wish it was May and I had 60 extra dollars.

ē Should I go about completing FarCry 2? I played about five minutes after I bought it from a Steam Sale, and havenít touched it since. Am I doing a disservice?

ē Wholly shit thatís a lot of 2ís, letís throw some threeís up in this bitch.

ē DiRT 3 is something Iím still excited for. I hope my PC can run it, but if not, Iíll get it for my PS3 and enjoy the hell out of it. DiRT2 was amazing, and I canít wait to try out the new racing modes in DiRT 3.

ē Would any of you be up for a Saturday Morning FNF Aftermath Podcast? Weíd join the FNF crews together for a morning/Afternoon of hangover talking and recalling the past nights events. Weíd argue about whoís the better Sagat player, how are favorite multiplayer games are handling, what are current single player addictions, Demon Souls. Stuff like that.

Well, that was my last clip. Join me next time as I do another one of these because I like doing them because theyíre easier to do than singular ideas, although I should have a fleshed out singular idea soon. Who knows? You will, if you stay tuned. -dramatic backdrop lighting and music-

Hook, line and sinker.
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