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Blog Between Blogs: School's Almost Out


Welcome to another addition of Blog Between Blogs. Because I donít have a single solid topic to write about, I randomly jump from one topic to another in a (not so) well-thought out blog. Itís eco friendly!

So, if you didnít know already, I have a PC now, and Iím currently enjoying the hell out of it. I think itís a nice little gaming PC, it does what I want it to; run Team Fortress 2, Borderlands, and Bad Company 2. Iím not going to pull out all these specs and shit, because I know as soon as I do, some of you PC Perfect Lifeforms are gunna come out and start comparing your 6 Core Processors and Fermi Graphics Cards and your fucking liquid cooling to my modest Quad Core, HD 5570, and blue fans.

I will, however, show you crappy pictures.

I am looking to upgrade sometime in the fall. The 5570 isnít going to cut it in the near future (Bad Company 2 frames drop anytime I blow something up), and I really wanna play stuff like Brink and Bulletstorm when they come out. Also, the 5570 isnít the best looking card out there. I want something sexy.

Speaking of sexy and Bad Company, I recently caved and bought the game. I was hoping for a sale on Steam, but fucking Modern Warfare 2ís two Free Weekends/Discounted Weekends in the span of a month made me crazy, so I dropped the $49.99 and went to town. Besides what I stated earlier about losing framerate when shit is going down hardcore, I quite enjoy BC2ís single player. Bad Company is, as always, hilarious as hell. The shooting things part of the game isnít bad either, thought the A.I. can be a bit erratic, going from really good to really stupid in no time flat. Destructible environments are destructible, and I can now justify shooting into fences as ďIím shooting through the fence!Ē which is always nice.

Of course, the real meat of this game is its multiplayer, and after a few rounds, I have to say itís pretty excellent. Of course, me jumping in late in the game means I have a huge disadvantage against the other players in terms of weapons and overall getting used to how shit works, but even then, marking people is an easy way to get points, as even if you donít kill the motherfucker, if someone else does, it kinda acts like an assist. Yay points for me!

Also, Iím liking the Engineer the most, because I get to blow up tanks. I hate tanks. HATE THEM.

In other games news, I also bought The Orange Box a few weeks ago, but Iíve been bothered to play it ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 (which is ballin beyond ballin, by the way) and found out that Half Life 2 doesnít feature cloud support, so I canít continue where I left off. Iíd really like to at least finish Portal again before Portal 2 comes out, but every time I work up the nerve, I go and play Borderlands or TF2 or something instead. I dunno, maybe itís because all this AP writing and testing and shit, I donít want to think smart, I just wanna kill stuff.

But yeah, since schools almost out and Iíve (sorta) committed myself to not buying anything till Portal 2/Brink comes out. Iíve got a backlog of games I can complete this summer before senior year.

Which reminds me, Iím hopefully off to college in a year. Shit hit me a long time ago, but I still canít believe it. My public schooling career is almost over, and in then I wonít be home anymore. Itís exciting and scary at the same time. Itís exciting because, fuck, Iím going to be out of the house, on my own, maybe in a brand new place Iíve never been to, or never dreamed of living in before. Iíll be able to make a brand new start on friends, activities, everything. Hell, depending on the situation, I might even be able to go to PAX with some of you bastards.

Itís also freighting as hell because Iíll be all out by myself. I wonít have people to rely on, but even scarier, I wonít be comfortable out alone. I started looking for colleges last month, and my ideal plan was to move up north, and try up there. My ideal college choice is RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) up in New York, and it still is, but thatís far away from Texas. Really far away. Being that far away from home scares the crap outta me. I donít really have family up in New York, or much less up north besides my cousins up in Jersey, and to top it off, Iím not the outgoing social type I need to be if Iím going to start making relationships. How I usually made friends was through joining an Fine Arts extracurricular activity such as Band or Choir, being forced up onto a stage all alone because I supposedly have talent (I really hate my voice, it sounds way to classical), and then being congratulated. I was in a situation in which people came to me. Iíve never actually tried to go out and talk to someone I didnít actually know.
So yeah, Iím kinda conflicted, but the way Iím thinking about it now, Iíve got one year to learn how to be a social badass, and if that doesnít happen, Iíll just try and take Ďem as I see Ďem wherever I end up. All I know is, I really hope I can go to RIT. That place is badass beyond badass.

Finally, I got some quick thoughts on FUEL. You know the game with the large, open, free roam space, the off-road cars, and the Tornado Storms. Yeah, you remember.

Lemmie tell you, FUEL is a great game for $3.75. Even though I havenít put that much time into it, whenever I load up the game, I always have a really good time just driving around and exploring shit. The races are long, and thatís a good thing, because with so much space, I would expect a race to take longer than 2 minutes. The graphics arenít that bad, and even though nobodyís online to play with, Games for Windows Live isnít that bad. Plus, ACHIEVEMENTS YAAAARRRR!

So if Codemasters ever, for some highly odd reasons (since I hear FUEL didnít do so well critically, and sold like shit), there are a few things Iíd like them to fix.

ē Big world needs stuff to do: All this space, and there arenít even any animals to drive my bike along side of. Iíd really love if there was specific animal A.I., that would interact with you differently depending on which vehicle you where in. Iíd also like to see some sort of dynamic race A.I. What I mean is, have different races going in while Iím in free roam mode. For example, the A.I. is having a race from point A to point M, and along the way, I meet up with them at point E. I canít actually join the race, but I sure as hell can be a dick and fuck up the other racers.

ē More Dynamic Weather: Take it to the fucking max. I want fucking hurricanes, earthquakes, and throw in a volcano in that bitch. Flash flooding during races, area wide blizzards, and to top it off, one scared Weather Man yelling over the radio as all hell breaks loose.

ē Speaking of Radio: Get some licensed music in this bitch. I loved the games title track by UNKLE. Heíd be good for making music in this game. Get yourself a DJ personality thatís not completely fucking annoying ala Burnout Paradise, and youíre set.

ē Make It an MMO: I think itíd be easier to implement all these changes, plus add some more, if you made it an MMO. I know MMO racing games donít always work, but with such a wide open space to free roam, with the dynamic weather effects, and multiple races going on spanning hundreds of miles, a FUEL MMO would be a really interesting prospect. Plus, live radio stations.

And now for the bullets:

ē Got a new phone. Samsung Moment. Itís all good with Android and all, though, if I had know the HTC Evo 4G was coming out, I would have waited.

ē Slowly but surely getting through Soul Silver. I took a long hiatus because of Borderlands, but Iím slowly getting back into it. FUCK YEAH GARCHOMP.

ē Iím actually thinking about picking up Starcraft 2 sometime. I really wanted to play Starcraft beforehand, but my ďGive It Away to Ur FriendzĒ BlizzCon copy isnít working on Windows 7, and nobody wants to give me a beta key, but yeah, I just hope thereís an easy mode. I havenít RTSíd in a while.

ē I really hope MS decides to expand on Games For Windows Live now that Steam has gone Mac and PC. At least, open up a GFWL Arcade, so I can play Limbo on my PC. Please?

And thatís all I got. Hopefully you werenít killing yourself trying to read all of this, and if you where, Iím sincerely sorry. My GFWL is Daxelman, my BC2 tag is Daxelman, and my Steam is Axeldan or something with Daxelman in it. Come blow stuff up/drive through tornadoes with me sometime.
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