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Blog Between Blogs: Leet Edition


Hey, welcome to another addition of Blog Between Blogs, where instead of just focusing on one topic for epic amounts of text, I condense many topics into one blog, usually separated by pictures. WARNING: pictures may or may not be funny. It doesn’t look like I can be hilarious, I’ve checked.

So, if you didn’t know, I’m going to be building a PC. My brother is helping me build my first PC as a birthday gift, and I’ve already got the motherboard down. Now, I’ve never been one to completely advocate or completely dog down PC gaming, but more or less supplement it to my console gaming. I’d play anything I didn’t think I could play comfortably on a keyboard on my PS3, and Team Fortress 2 on my PC. I also got Mass Effect and some other gems for really cheap off of Steam, of course.

The problem with that idea now is that I don’t have my PS3, so the only major gaming outlet that I have that’s not a handheld is this laptop that doesn’t even truly belong to me anymore. Go figure.

Anyways, yeah, I’m building a gaming PC, with some of the bells and whistles. I’m doing my best to keep costs under $800, but hey, anything for Bad Company 2 at this point. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ain’t gunna save themselves.

Next topic is the Playstation Move. I won’t say that I’m “so fucking excited” or “casually optimistic” or “this shit sucks, $ony is desperate lol”, but I do want to comment on the “finally, devs are going to port over Wii only games to the PS3.”

Wouldn’t that cost way too much money to do that in the first place?

I mean, look at it; Developing for the Wii if fucking cheap, really fucking cheap. So cheap in fact that those who manage to sell 200,000+ copies probably broke even long ago, and are starting to make a profit. It’s crazy to say that it costs as much to make a Wii game than it does to make a game like Final Fantasy XIII on the next gen consoles, and from what the Square Enix developers keep saying, they’re going to have to sell boat loads upon boat loads to even dream of recouping that money back, might have to throw in some extra DLC as well.

So, assuming that some of the Wii developers are developers who don’t have the money to waste on making a true next gen upgrade of a Wii game, why would they do that? That’s a spell for disaster on the game developers part, because if they don’t half-ass the port, they’re going to have to spend a lot of money, and if it doesn’t sell shitloads, the just lost a lot of money. Even if they half-ass the port, they still spend some money, and then nobody buys the game because it sucks, which means they still lose money.

I don’t think we’re going to see Wii specific developers or low budget Wii games come to the PS3 (or in some cases, the 360) in droves, at least not until development costs for next gen gaming in general drops substantially. And I don’t think they’ll be dropping anytime soon.

So, there’s this game called Pokémon Soul Silver, right? A lot of you know from my past monthly musing that I suck at video games. Well, I’m here to prove myself wrong. 4 days in, and I’m already almost halfway though. And I’m talking the whole game in general, which means 16 badges instead of 8. I’ve got 7 badges, and I’m working on importing some of my Pokémon from Diamond for badge number 8 and so on.

How did I do this? How did I manage to go from suck to slightly awesome in no time flat?


A lot of people fall into the “Only Use the Starter to Rape Everything” trap, and that works. What happens is, everything else on your team is HM fodder, and your Starter Pokémon is a level 80 badass that kills everything, and I mean everything, in one hit by the time you get to the Elite 4. I don’t know if this is true for anyone else, and it probably isn’t, but by using that method, it took me about 3 weeks to get to the last gym. Everything but my Infernape and Dialga was below level 20.

Out comes Heart Gold/Soul Silver. By this time, I’ve been properly introduced to proper Pokémon management. Keep the weakling out in front, switch ‘em out when battle time comes around, gain EXP for both, so on and so forth. So looking at my team now, my Typloshion is level 42, my Kadabra is level 37, and everything else is approaching the level 30 mark. I’ve had a lot more trouble with the gyms since I can’t OHKO everything, and for some odd reason, Miltank has a higher base speed than Qualiva even though Miltank is describe as a COW TANK, but last night I realized to myself, “damn, 8 badges in 30 hours, that’s insane!”

And I’m not even spending the time to EV train. Hah, bring it on Pokémon, I got your number right here.

Finally, I told you guys I was going to try and be a game developer right? Well yeah, I’m going to try and do that. I’ve spent some time looking at Source Mod wikis and what not, and I wanna start creating a TF2 map sometime soon. Obviously, I can’t do it know, because one, this laptop isn’t mine, two, Hammer crashed on this laptop once, and three, fucking AP testing got me writing more than I actually want to write, but yeah, when I get my desktop all up and finished, I’m going to be looking more into it.

I’ve also started looking at colleges who offer more than just the basic Computer Science merit badges. Currently, my number one candidate is looking to be R.I.T., the Rochester Institute of Technology, up in New York (all you New York DToiders, I’m coming to make it rain like Freaknik in Atlanta!), and my second is SMU, down here in Texas. Any and all help finding colleges would be appreciated, as long as none of them being with “Y” and end with “ale”, for the sole reason that Yale is filled with a bunch of dicks.

And now for the stuff that I don’t think deserves 2 or more paragraphs;

• My God, why is the Charge ‘n Targe so fucking cheap? Being a Pyro is totally useless now that those Scottish bastards are running around with higher resistance to my flames. I might have to pull out the critaxe for these motherfuckers.

• The Luiga figure that came with Soul Silver proves that that even Nintendo thinks Ho-Oh sucks intense shit. It looks so much more badass than the timid looking Ho-Oh figure. Just look at ‘em.

• Bayonetta needs a PC port. Now.

• As a matter of fact, Microsoft should release a “Games for Windows Live Arcade”, so that we could play some of the XBLA games on our PCs. Maybe that’s coming with Windows 7 Mobile, which would be totally awesome.

• New Predator movie looks totally baller.

• I don’t know what Scott Pilgrim is, but it’s getting a movie, Michael Cera is in it, and it features homicidal ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, bands, and other means of epic. Ubisoft is making the game to accompany the movie, and the movie is being directed by the same guy who did “Shawn of the Dead”. SO EXCITED.


And that’s all he wrote folks. Join us next time when Daxelman probably has enough thought in an idea that he can probably make a blog out of it. Most likely, we’ll probably just get another one of these blogs, hopefully with more PERFECT LIFEFORM.

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