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Blog Between Blogs: Another Year Editon


Welcome to another edition of Blog Between Blogs, in which I babble on about random nonsense because people like me donít need structured blog formats, themes, motifs, or datelines; we blog what we want, how we want, when we want, and thatís exactly what Iím going to do. Word to your mother.

Today is my birthday. Not much else to say about that. Iím 19 now, so I guess its 2 more years till true adult hood. 19 is such an odd number. I donít know how to get excited for it. I guess I would be more excited if like at the age of 19 you get your own pet kimono dragon or something, but thatís not the case in America. I will change that if I become President of the United States. You can quote me on that.

Anyways, 2011 was last year, and now itís 2012. As such, Iím sure most of you have hammered out your best of 2011 lists, game of the years, and other such wordage, and are damn tired of seeing people reminisce about last year. So to save you (read: me) the trouble of a long, thought out discussion on why Batman: Arkham City and Bastion tie for my Game of The Year 2011, Iíll just tell you that Batman: Arkham City and Bastion tie for my Game of The Year 2011. Short, sweet, and simple.

With that, we can move on to whatís big in 2012. Obviously, SSX is going to be pre-ordered sometime in the near future because itís SSX and Amon Tobin has exclusive music on the soundtrack and Singing in the Rain by Mint Royal in in there too. Iím also looking forward to Mass Effect 3 and itís ďfinally get to see what Earth is likeĒ finality, DmC because it generally looks more fun than any other Devil May Cry game Iíve played, Torchlight II because itís better than Diablo-anything, and a bunch of other stiff thatís not coming to me right now.

Add to that list Asuraís Wrath. I played the demo, and my god; I never played anything so damn intense before in my life, and by intense, I mean minute to minute extreme levels on intense, not the slow build up that games like Uncharted and the like have. The game feels like a literal translation of what a Gurren Lagaan video game would be like. I know a lot of people are going to knock it for the obsessive use of quick time events, but I feel theyíre done right in Asuraís Wrath. Itís all in the presentation; all the needless anger, unnecessary fury, and righteous testosterone just makes the quick time events feel like incredibly important and intense moments of gameplay, despite them not being anything more than a flick of the stick or mashing a button. All in all, Iím really looking forward to Asuraís Wrath, as that game has hit with the force of ten billion million bricks, each the mass, weight, and density of a super massive black hole, in the demo alone.

But enough about the future, letís talk about the current. I got The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and so far itís been a good experience. The gameís ran without many hitches, and with some mods Iíve gotten it to look visually better. I will comment that I do like the UI design method, but I found the lack of options to sort disappointing, which was quickly fixed with a mod. That, and the character creator; I didnít feel like I was given many options, but the options given to me where enough to give me a good looking character, so Iíll call fair ball for now. I really wish Bethesda would have let me edit more options however.

As such with Skyrim, Iíve decided to wrok on a little project: I call it Postcards from Skyrim, in which (written in the voice of a female Dovakhiin) I write letters to a fictional family back "home". Iíve always wanted to do something similar with Fallout: New Vegas, but never really had the time or the drive. But now I've got a bit more time, and a lot more drive to do so, so Iím doing it. No certain schedule as to when Iím going to update the blog with postcards, but Iíll try to have it down to at least once a week. Feedback on how Iím doing so far would be nice, as well as information on how to make Skyrim look even better without being so taxing on the hardware.

Other games I've aquired include Saintís Row: The Third; that game, like Asuraís Wrath, is also nasty batshit bonkers, and I love it. Sonic Generations is currently the best Sonic game Iíve ever played; everything flows nicely, the speed is great, and I donít even hate the Classic Sonic sections, and I despise Classic Sonic. Iíd tell you a bit about Uncharted 3, but you already know what Iím going to say about that, and I also picked up Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and Splinter Cell: Conviction from the Christmas Steam Sale. Iíve never played Dreamfall, so that should be interesting, and Splinter Cell is Splinter Cell so Iíll probably be splinting cells and such.

Did I mention to you guys that Iím in college? Yeah, Iím officially a freshman at the Rochester Institute of Technology as of a few months ago, and itís been a great few months. Met a lot of cool new people, and have received a lot of cool stuff (including a free copy of Skyrim!). Doing Game Design and Development, and right now weíre going though C# with Visual Studio, which is the neatest thing Iíve ever coded in. I love Visual Studio. It helps me do things.

I also need money to get into GDC. Hire me. I write eloquently.

Non academics related, I saw Anamanaguchi this past weekend. It was honestly the most extreme thing Iíve ever seen and participated in. Everyone was pumped, Anamanaguchi was pumped, Revengineers was pumped, Extreme Animals wasÖ.Extreme Animals. Best concert Iíve ever been to, and the greatest entertainment decision Iíve ever made in my entire life. Would see again, 30/10.

Only thing better could be Donald GloverÖoh wait, Iím seeing him too.

College fucking rules.

So yeah, here ends the paragraph section of this blog. Now follows the bullet points:

ē Iím definitely getting a Playstation Vita, just later when cheaper things start happening for it. Like with the Nintendo 3DS, which Iím definitely getting sometime in the near future hopefully.
ē I still need to play Bayonetta.
ē I also need to play Dragon Age Origins.
ē I really, really, really hope to get into the Guild Wars 2 beta. Iíll be all over that shit like shingles.
ē I hope DICE has more maps in the pipeline for Battlefield 3. I need more locals. Preferably in the snow.
ē Syndicate is going to be one to watch. Iím looking forward to the co-op in that.
ē Sound Shapes is going to be amazing.
ē The new Hitman is looking to be my instant jam. The more I hear about it, the more I want it inside my eyeballs.
ē Give me SSX now damnit.

And boom goes the nuclear reactor. Thatís all I wrote and Iíll stick to it as long as you pay me obsessive amounts of money. But in all honesty, thanks so much for reading, and Iíll damn near try my hardest to update this blog more. Because I love you all.

See you on nice side!
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