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A Daxel (Not Manly This Time) Review: Killzone 2

Well, it took me a while, but after having my ass handed to me by the last level, I feel I've played enough of Killzone 2 to warrant a review. I haven't actually written anything in a while now, so pardon the bottles of urine littered around the place. Also, if you guys think that beating the last level is substantial to my Killzone 2 experience, I'm replaying it on Recruit, so save it, I'll get there. And now, without further stalling so you won't notice the cyanide in the cupcakes I gave you;

Killzone 2 promised to be one of the best FPS’s on a console, period. In some circumstances, it does achieve that, from the handy-dandy cover system, to the jaw dropping graphics other FPS’s that aren’t Crysis wish they had. And in some circumstances it’s not, from the awkward button layouts to that annoying “inertia” based turning lag. But shit, let’s start with the good stuff, because the good stuff it really fucking excellent.

Let’s get graphics out of the way. They’re excellent, really good stuff. I like stopping mid-game, turning off my HUD, and just staring at my gun, because my gun is the most detailed thing on screen. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but…I can just say it’s the most detailed thing on my screen.

Now on to gameplay, I’ll start with the cover system, and I LOVE the cover system; it’s well implemented (besides the button being in one of the most awkward places for an FPS), it’s useful, and it’s not simply tacked on. What I don’t like about the cover system is that it’s not sticky; I’d love to just press the L2 button instead of holding it, and still have to use the L1 for zoom. It would have been much easier as an all-in-one hot-button, ala Gears of War and it’s fascination for the A button. I’d have also liked more options and diversity in the moves used in cover, such as blind fire, rolling, going prone, you know, all the things fellow ISA and enemy Helgast can do, that I can’t. This would be especially helpful during the last level, when enemies finally learn how to flank properly without being gunned down by my awesomeness…cough.

Speaking of enemy’s (not really), let’s have my buddy Sev talk about his fellow teammates, and how retarded they can be.

“Hey, Garza, no need to be a bother or anything, but a machine gun is making you its lead bitch, and I think you should…oh, I'm sorry, you’re in a dying state now…and you want me to revive you. All right, soon as I’m done killing this Hig motherfucker, who knows how to get out the line of fire, like a real soldier.” – Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko

Thanks Sev!

Now, while the game does look insanely beautiful, with all its smoke effects and shit, the smoke is fucking EVERYWHERE. It’s like an unfair enemy, as every time I pop a cap into someone, there’s smoke, and it gets in the way of me killing shit. Now, I wouldn’t have a problem with this, if it didn’t happen frequently, and I still somehow got shot at when not a damn person can see a damn thing. Unless those orange eyes are thermal detectors, then that would make perfect sense, and I retract this argument…not really.

The story of Killzone 2 could be better, but I’d say it’s good enough. You play Sev, the space marine, killing guys in freaky, red-eye masks, trying to retrieve some nukes they stole. Red Eye guy’s in masks saying “GTFO MAH SERVER” and killing the blue guys, and then there is the gnarly weather the Red Eye’s use for a weapon, such as lighting. Also, you use lighting to heal people. You know what I want? I want a background story on the whole “Lighting is a Lifesaver” deal. That would be excellent.

Now for Button Layout;

I hate it.

It doesn’t feel comfortable to me. I know, I know, you all told me to give it a few plays, and then I’d get used to it. I gave it a few plays, I gave it a few more plays, and then I gave it some more plays (and then I played Noby Noby Boy, and threw up in my lungs, don’t ask), and I still don’t feel comfortable with it. I don’t like my cover button and my zoom button to be right next to each other (L1, L2), much less on the L3 button, which is standard. Although zoom hold made it a bit more comfortable, I’d still love to map cover to the X button. That would fix all problems, except for the weird “wade through water” feeling with the aiming, which at times, can be annoying for me. Especially when I’m sniping and the stupid wankers won’t stand around like the bloody idiots they’re supposed to be.

And now for Warzone. Killzone 2's multiplayer is the bee’s knees, although I have a few gripes;

Lighting-Medic-Gun-Thing should be a hotkey instead of a separate weapon all together, trying to switch weapons with bullets flying isn’t as easy as I thought it would be, and I liked the whole “Just Press Circle” thing the campaign had going.

Air Support can’t aim. I haven’t used air support myself, but it’s pretty sad when I can kill the damned things with a shotgun without getting hit once, one on one. Plus, actual guys who deploy air support say the air support sucks, so yeah.

Where the hell is the cover system? This shit is perfect in single player, and would totally destroy the running up and suicide ‘nading yourself, and give rebirth to actually using your damn gun in semi-close combat. C’mon, I’d like to be able to shoot out a corner at an unsuspecting fool once in a while. Please?

And finally; Get Rid Of Tact. Grenades: When matches boil down to who can suicide grenade who first, shit get’s annoying real fast. At least let it be that you can’t put two opposing spawn ‘nades down in the same vicinity. That will present Tactics folks.

Other than that, Warzone is fun stuff. All the modes being able to be randomly initiated during a round makes good use of the large maps. From BodyCount to Search and Retrieve, every mode requires some sort of teamwork, and a lot of hate for the ISA/Helgast, depending who you side with. Plus the maps are cool, some aren’t my cup of coffee, but otherwise, they are well made and nicely rendered.

Where Killzone 2 excels, it really excels, and the excellent outweigh the horrible enough to where I can sit down and have fun with the game, and that’s all that really matters.

For the TL;DR guys; if you like First Person Shooters, you’ll have a good time with Killzone 2. If you’ve been looking to get in the genre, Killzone 2 isn’t a bad place to start. If you’re looking for something fun to play, Killzone 2 might be the one to deliver for you.

And I just made a rhyme. Word.

Killzone 2 earns an 8.8/10. But if you’re going to make a big deal out of it, fine;

It’ll get a 9/10 for the other guys. I rounded it, happy? Jesus…
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