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Secret World - Beta Weekend #2 - Day 1

You're a member of an elite secret faction imbued with celestial powers, fighting against chthonic forces bent on devouring the world. Sounds a little like the love child of the X-Files and World of Warcraft, which is a fairly accurate desc...


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Who the heck am I? That's an awfully rude way to ask. Now I don't know if I'll tell you.

Okay, okay. I'm a 25 year old gamer that's been playing since the 80's. I'm semi-professional, skeptical, and extremely analytical.

I run a YouTube gaming channel geared towards helping out new players and exploring new frontiers. I stream rarely through Own3d.tv and Twitch.tv, but am practicing the art of shouting about what's happening on screen.

Oh, and the narwhal bacons sometime around midnight, or at least that's where you lose yourself for a minute or two. If you get what I'm saying ;D Eh? EH?!!?