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Dave Flodine
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Musings on Hiatus

To all my loyal readers of the last year and a bit, i want to thank you for enjoying my ramblings on the games i play and some of my thoughts on the medium. Partly due to personal reasons, partly due to other project ideas, and partly due...


Musings postponed

I'm sorry to say that this week Monday Musings will have to be postponed for some very personal reasons. I should be back in full swing next Monday, but just as an inkling of what i'm playing, good lord is Trackmania United addictive. I ...


Monday Musings - 14th May, 2012

Oof, that sickness last week really took it out of me folks, but Dave is back and a picture of health (what kind of picture? Well i'll just leave that up to your imagination). Time for Dave to stop talking in the third person because once...


Musings postponed

Heya folks. Fun times this week (he said sarcastically). I not only contracted a cold/flu over the weekend but i think i've been hit with a bout of food poisoning on top of that. Due to this writing for more than a sentence or two today h...


About Dave Flodineone of us since 4:56 AM on 07.19.2011

Hey there.

The name's Dave. I often go by Dave_the_Turnip or Atomicvege while gaming.

Video games have been a huge part of my life. I remember playing Atari at my friend's house in the mid 80s and then entering the gaming sphere myself with a 386 PC and a Nintendo Entertainment System.

Since that time i've kept up with PC gaming while owning a Game boy, SNES, N64, GBA, PS1, Gamecube, PS2, DS, Wii, iphone, and PS3.

I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Videogame Studies) from Bond University. I helped create and run www.appspy.com for many years before heading back to uni to write my masters on videogame criticism (still happening!)

Oh yeah, while not game related, i draw a comic and have always wanted to be a cartoonist. That can be found at https://www.yetanothercomic.com
PSN ID:atomicvege
Steam ID:atomicvegetable


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