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Reminder: party at my place this Saturday

Okay, first off, yes that's an MS Painting up there. 1. Give me a break. 2. Shut up. That out of the way, this is just a reminder that my roommate is moving out this week (hooray!), and to celebrate, I'm throwing a gaming party this Sa...


Not my Turning Point gaming rig

Here it is, the night of the deadline, and I'm just barely getting my entry in. I've been putting it off because I wanted to do a video, and you can see that above. I just recorded it and aside from poor lighting, it could not have gone...


Why I hate Mega Man

I've been meaning to write this up for awhile now, not to change any of you retro-goggled people's minds, but just to defend my position. I hate Mega Man. I think he's worthless, and I wish the whole franchise were just ended. I don't ...


Bioshock missed a golden opportunity

Yeah, I know, the game came out seven months ago, and having just finished it last night, that makes me a slowpoke. With that said, if you are an even slower poke (slowpokier?) than I am, then you might want to stop reading now, as there...


Tomorrow's ThurDSay! What should we play?

Hey guys. We're halfway through the week, which means tomorrow is ThurDSay. Last week, Aerox and I played some Tetris DS, and despite some minor frustrations (you can do two player or four player but not three player? Huh?), we had som...


Introducing: DS Thursdays

So, a few days ago I asked if there would be interest in bringing the DS into the mix for Friday Night Fights. The general consensus that I got was that people would be up for playing some DS online, but they wouldn't want it to take the...


Highlights from Sausage Fest '08

If you haven't already, you can go check out the pictures and videos over at Aerox's blog. I wish we had taken more, but when there are only three of us and we're all having fun, it's easy to forget to break out the cameras. You may not...


Are we getting spoiled by XBLA/VC/PSN?

See that picture up above? That's Omega Five. It probably looks familiar to you, because you downloaded it a few weeks ago, played it, enjoyed it, but haven't given it a single thought in a fortnight. Why? Well, because since then, we...


Thank you Destructoid: epic swag post

So I had been having a pretty average Tuesday for the most part; I woke up at seven to get to the lab that I T.A. by eight, after three hours of lab I had three hours of class, with a small break in the middle to make myself some eggs in ...


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