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The Falcon chipset is not safe from the RRoD

Back in September of 2007, shortly before the release of Halo 3, I finally took the plunge and bought an Xbox 360. I did my research, though. I had heard of the rampant failures of launch 360s, and I wanted to do everything I could to p...


My triumphant return to Destructoid

Hello there fellow Dtoiders. If you've only joined within the past few months, you might not know me. I'm Dexter, pleased to meet you. For everybody else, I have returned. You may have noticed that I've been a little MIA for the past ...


Achievement Review: Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Almost two months ago, Capcom released the remake of their cult classic retro title Bionic Commando. If 2D platforming and/or frustratingly difficult games are your thing and you haven't picked it up yet, you owe it to yourself to do so....


E for All 2008: Even worse than last year

[video]106250:488[/video] Wow. Just wow. I have been to the E for All expo for two years running now, and you might remember I even had some tips for them to get their act together. And really, I was hopeful. How great would it be to h...


Games a Mime Forgot: Wetrix

I don't remember what got me thinking about this game, but when it came up, I immediately thought two things. 1. I probably spent more money renting this game than I should have, and 2. It would be a great candidate for Games that Time F...


PAX pix, chronicling my trip

Aerox and my girlfriend Lib at LAX. Only a few hours until Seattle! It's the Fruit Effer! On the show floor, they had Dead Space. I didn't play it, nor Fallout 3, nor Left 4 Dead. Oh well. A group of us went to Cheesecake Factory...


Instant Replay: leaderboards

Back when the XBox 360 was first announced and discussed, the big new feature of this generation (and indeed, one of my favorite parts of the XBox 360) was the addition of Achievements. I have always loved to have a measure for 100% comp...


How I got my girl into gaming

For decades, gaming has been a male-dominated activity, with the fabled "girl gamer" existing mostly in myth, spoken of quietly in a darkened alley. Times are changing, and these days it's a pretty common occurrence to find a young femal...


Gaming's guilty pleasures: shotguns

When this month's musing was announced, I thought to myself, "What games do I play that I'm embarrassed to admit to?" The best example I could come up with is Pokļæ½mon, but really, I don't feel guilty at all that I embrace the Diglets and...


Entry for dvddesign's achievement challenge

That's right, I'm going to try to do it. As per the challenge, I will just leave my copy of GTAIV unopened, for a full thirty days. Yeah you guys are having fun with it. But I'm going to get 100 points! POINTS! Here's how I feel abo...


Board games at my place, this Saturday

I apparently just can't seem to get enough of you people. Just last Saturday I threw a party and invited you guys, and here I am doing it again. Only this time, it's not going to be a party party, just a get-together-and-play-board-game...


Recap of the Los Angeles ARP last week

So if you've been paying attention to either this blog or DtoidLosAngeles, then you'd know that I held a bit of a party here this past weekend. What you may not know is that before the party, I was freaking out a bit. See, between Destr...


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Darren is a scientist during the day. He has been a Destructoid community member since 2006, joining the front page as a contributor in 2011.

While he enjoys shooters, RPGs, platformers, strategy, and rhythm games, he takes particular interest in independent games. He produced the Zero Cool Podcast for about four years, and he plays board games quite a bit when he can find willing companions.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Darren Nakamura knows several people in the video game industry, most of whom are Destructoid alumni. These include:

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Chad Concelmo, writer for Golin Harris
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Brad Nicholson, former publicist for Uber Entertainment
Alex Ryan, publicist for Kalypso Media
Jim Sterling, notable voice actor

Darren backs a lot of Kickstarter campaigns! If you want to see what he has backed, you can go here. If he ever reviews a game that he backed, that will be explicitly disclosed in the review.

Darren invested in Psychonauts 2 on Fig.
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