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Violent Gaming W/ The Youngins


So tonight is yet another bonding night with my 11 year old nephew and one half of my 8 year old twin nephews. Of course, they come to play with their uncle's Xbox 360, and they aren't exactly looking to jam on any of the games rated E. So of course - like any other uncle who doesn't know any better - I let them play Crackdown under my supervision.

I let them do everything, but snipe victims with the sniper rifle. Their father lets them play CoD4, but the 8 year olds have to play with the night vision on (which makes no sense to me). They aren't the type of kids to repeat in real life what they see in movies or television - i.e., the children of stupid people. However, they are still kids and there's a lot to be said about some innocence coming into play.

My question is: is it ok to let them blow up people and cars to their lil heart's desire like the 8 year old is doing, followed by innocent child-laughter. I'm here, I can explain things if need be. They do have a good sense of what's real and what's not, so I don't worry too much. Anyone else go through this at all?
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