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This Can't Be Life: Great Games Released in Back-To-Back Weeks

In a minimalist world, you scrape and claw to enjoy the good things in life. As a Batman fan of troubling levels, I haven't even been able to secure myself a copy of Arkham Asylum cuz of horrid economics. In the recent days, my ability to afford a used copy has been a reality, but now that two potential GOTY candidates are ready to unleash, I'm putting AA on the back burner.

Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 are games that will have to be in most gamers' libraries by Christmas. I'd like to believe that Black Friday will offer us deals on these two games, but I'm not holding my breath. It wasn't till the Sunday after Christmas in 07 that CoD4 was on sale at Target for $37. I can't hold out that long, that's just crazy. The sound of NEIGHBORS through the basement walls let me know that they enjoy modern gaming as I do. I know those guys are gonna have a copy. Plus, my online homies are already setting up nights for long runs of multiplayer.

I know some people can get these two games on the drop dates without batting an eye, but folks like myself usually save up on shillings for a while just to get ONE game. I remember back in the day when I would bust 2 games at a time. I saved a receipt with Final Fantasy X and Max Payne on it for the F of it cuz I paid full price and could afford it. Oh, the ignorance of youth. Now, I save a receipts if I pay full price for Big Macs.

I guess taking the previous winter and summer off of gaming stuff was a smart idea, as I can now indulge in games this Holiday season via gift cards and puppy dog eying moms and pops.

OH, and my Xbox Live subscription is up December 1st.

This can't be life.
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