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Games I Will Always <3 #2


Well time for another retro love blog. Today's look back at nostalgia gaming is actually a group of games, but only one specifically. Since wednesdays back in the day was the day i was allowed to play video games the least (less than 30 min) because of being made to go to church after school, i will post these on wednesdays.

So one of the game carts i came across in a flea market in a galaxy far far away (north part of town) was Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits. Its pretty self explanatory, its a video game anthology for the Super NES, PlayStation, Sega Genesis, and Sega Saturn consoles that features 1980s arcade games from the Williams Electronics company. The games included are Defender, Defender II, Joust, Robotron: 2084, and Sinistar. Naturally during my circumstances of pretty empty coffers as far as video game funds go, this was ideal due to the fact that it comes with more than one game.

So the specific one i will be talking about is an old classic, Joust. Its pretty basic,SPOILERS, you are a small knight that sits atop an ostrich (that can fly for some reason) and you joust, against other knights that sit atop vultures. Higher lance wins, if you win the joust, the enemies turn into eggs that you have to collect pretty quickly because if they hatch, they turn into more difficult enemies (they upgrade from current color) Their difficulty ranges by their colors (easy-hardest) red, white, and blue. The stage also changes to make it a little more challenging. The changes fall into a pattern after a while. First, lava, then the bridge over the lava goes, then a lava troll hand tries to grab you (will grab an enemy or two), then two platforms go, then two more go, then you get a egg collecting stage, and then it pretty much rotates; platforms dissolving, with egg collecting, and variable colors of enemies, the higher the wave number the more concentration of hard enemies. Also, if you try and outlast the enemies the game gives you a friendly reminder that it doesn't have all day, in the form of a killer pterodactyl. Yeah, its tricky too, moving slow then very very quickly darts out at you. It does this until you get all the eggs and finish the level. If you think you can out run it, think again. Another pterodactyl joins the party, and another, and so on until you grab the egg or die. Now they are not indestructible. If you manage to hit it lance point to beak point it will be destroyed, and you get a crap load of points (that lead to extra lives)

Ok i like this game for one simple reason and memory. Much like games back then its simple, straightforward, and repetitive with slight upward difficulty curves which adheres to my ADHD. One morning instead of watching cartoons i decided to play my SNES, so after a round of each other game i switched over to Joust. I played that shit for like 3 hours, i got to level 97. 97! And i was so amazed, i was slightly insane, my eyes hurt, but i was fueled by the awesomeness of crunch berry cereal (that's capt'n crunch, with nothing but the berries) and also milk. So by then i understandably needed to use the restroom seeing as i how hadn't moved for so long, i fell off my bed when i got up. So i paused it after wave 96, i come back and hit START. But nothing happens, i hit it again, still nothing. That's when i realized, my SNES had overheated and frozen up. I almost cried. i almost made it to 100, i wanted so bad to know if it went that high or stopped at 99 or what. I haven't played since. Well there you go a more structured blog. See you next installment.
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