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I've got a new hobby!

So...Hi! Haven't used this thing since like, last year and I would like to change that :D Summer vacation is ending for me in just two short weeks and this summer I picked up a hobby! Recording walkthroughs/random gameplay vids of me being ...


Final Fantasy X Remake = Nerdgasm

Yes...YES YES YES Square Enix you are doing something right in my eyes. I am now prepared to shell out money for the Playstation Vita and or PS3. I'm suuuuuuper duper happy folks, like you have no idea. Now, what sounds like good news to m...


Labor Day: Cloister of Trials SUCK!

The hardest I've ever had to work in a game was in Final Fantasy X and their cloister of trials in each temple. They started off easy, but once you get to Bevelle prepare to throw your controller at the tv and full on rage quit. I've raged ...


About DarkLai5544one of us since 11:59 AM on 09.07.2011

So I've been gaming since I can remember. My parents got me and my sister a Sega Genesis and I was playing it all the time. Fast forward a bit and my dad gets the new Playstation 2 and my love for gaming and Final Fantasy is born.
I first started playing RPG's on the playstation 2 and I still love them.
Then fast forward another few years and I get the Xbox 360. My love for first person shooters is born. I started playing Call of Duty 2 and that was my new go to game.
Ever since then I've been deep into the hole of gaming for a while. I recently had to climb out of that hole because now I'm a poor college student with a very tight budget and a tighter schedule. I don't have enough time for gaming anymore, but when I do I game hard and as long as possible.
My favorite games as of now are:

Final Fantasy X
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2
Resident Evil series
Team Fortress 2
Red Dead Redemption
Grand Theft Auto IV