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Cause My Life Sucks


ok since my life is pretty boring unless your acually there to here my insane not make senseness, ive decided to blog about my "achievements" that feel i have accomplished through out my day. Well its either that or i only blog once a month and its gonna be that same thing over again. sooo with that....today i almost totally achieved getting Lindsey a new coveted printed pepsi can, but unfortunately she already had it. Also i completed my first troubleshooting phone call thingy with my job. Where i had to call someone and tell to stop being stupid and do the damn thing right or ill kill them with ketchup. (its a pretty cool job). I learned that XBL arcade sucks and Atari people are douche bags for putting out another fucking version of Tempest. thats it kthnxbi

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About Bloodanubis87one of us since 2:14 PM on 10.25.2007

All right this is betterness. I can give some thought to this. Well im married to a also gamer named Heather. Shes has a PS2 and we share the Ds, i have a Xbox. I had every nintendo system and sega but was forced to sell them for stuff, you know like food.[

Im heavy first person shooter (great sniper, and awesome assault guy if you recruiting for a team) on pc i like to get my rts on, i liked WoW but i need my own pc for that. I like some rpgs but not all.

I live in Austin Tx and yes i love the Cowboys (but not heath ledger)

I listen to alterative musice such as, slipknot, system of a down, toadies, deftones, mudvayne, tool, nin. I also like my local music so you bitches look up Ok City Ok and Kissinger.

I snack on burgers mostly i fucking love sonic! On a pizza ill take extra cheese mushrooms and bell peppers

Im fave color is red w/ black. My GT is DarkanubisPwnr if your up for a COD 3 match.

My myspace is myspace.com/teh_anubis

er my fave game is anything metroid (except MP:echos fuck that shit)

thats all for now ill insert some nice pics and what not when i get a chance
Xbox LIVE:darkanubis87


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