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Expanded Universe? Do Not Want!

In thinking about this month’s cblog topic about Expanded Universes, I came up with a lot of great examples of how the electronic gaming medium works as a way to expand stories that originated from other forms of entertainment. Video games ...


MegaTen games rule my thoughts...

It all started when I read a review in my hometown's free weekly sometime in late 2007. There was a review of the curiously titled "Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3." Even though the review was written for a general audience, it went into grea...


More Romance in Games?

I haven't finished Braid yet, but so far the story seems to focus on Tim's loss of love. The name of the game refers to a moment where Tim gets slapped in the face by his love's hair when she turns away from him in an emotional moment. Tho...


First Time; Long Time

You might not know me, but I sure know you. You see, I'm what those annoying radio callers refer to as a "first time, long time." I've been a fan of Destructoid since around the Autumn 2006. Some other game blog (Kotaku, perhaps?) linked...


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