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A review on C.O.D.4

Let's get one thing straight, I hate Call Of Duty, partly because I don't wish to belong to the group of gamers that are the ADD-filled-ridilan-popping-moth-foaming-retarded-children who start spazzing out if they don't kill something every...


The science of MGS4

Since MGS4 isn't coming out until Q2 of 2008, I thinks it's okay to start speculation. I'll start. Remember the mystery of Raiden's white blood? Well, believe it or not this is becoming a reality. It's called "Oxycyte", and it's made up of ...


Thoughts on Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

I haven't seen anyone post about Ace Combat 6. So here it is. Yes, I picked up the game. With the flight stick. Anyone here a fan of the Ace Combat series? I wasn't until I played AC4, I remember beating the shit out of it, unlocking every ...


WTF is MapleStory and new Keyboard

I know many of you hate macs, but lets be honest, PC's with Windows(More like Winblows, amirite?), isn't much better. Anyways, I use Macs daily, and I've followed Apple's new product releases ever since they released the new Intel cores a f...


Halo movie is DEAD

So yeah, my first blog entry. Whoopdefriggin do. Now here is important stuff: The Halo Movie is DEAD. Like, really dead. Like No longer in movie limbo, but in the place wherever dead movies go. What happened? Fox and Universial can't get al...


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