Only Single Player: New God of War concept art and early designs revealed

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Hey, still haven't sat down to trick out my blog yet so avert thine eyes 4 a while.

As for describing myself, well I'm pretty typical actually (and damn proud dammit!): a drunken 21yr old University student. My life is mostly about beer, chics, my exams and VIDEO GAMES. Speaking of which; I pretty much like anything that has blood, explosions or/and sports: Metal Gear Solid series, FIFA series, God of War, Tomb Raider (it's Lara Croft...she has boobs!), Tekken/Bloody Roar and Final Fantasy. That's all that comes to mind [as I wrote this].

Oh and I'm a Playstation fanboy [You were warned!] although not the aggressve kind. Too lazy to actively defend anything to the point of name calling. I just know where my silent allegiance lies.