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WoW 60 Day Subscription Raffle

The title should bloody say it all. I"m having a little raffle just to be a nice guy, and the prize is 2 month World of Warcraft subscription card. I've been wanting to do this for some time, but only now had the shinies to actually be able...


What Class are You?

There has been a large number of articles lately that are a bit TOO serious for my taste. I have no one to blame for this situation but myself as I wanted to give my personal opinion on a lot of hot subjects.(Such as RMT, how the financial ...


I hugged a Gnome

Then I killed him. *Has no earthly idea what's going on...but hopes that if he mimics in with the crowd..he will not be killed. Much like playing "zombie" in Shaun of the dead...*


NCSoft getting sued

While you may expect good cheer, fun, laughs, and presents on Christmas Eve not everyone is so blessed. NCSoft got something worse than coal, they got sued. According to VirtualWorldNews the developer Worlds.com, an early virtual world deve...


Annoying MMO Players

More than likely, if you've played any MMO for any length of time you've noticed a "trend". Certain types of people that just irk you. Sometimes it's beyond irking, sometimes they utterly ruin a good group, a good instance, a good raid, or ...


MMORPGs are Evil*No pics, oh no?*

Are MMORPGs evil? The answer may surprise you. With the recent articles about torture in World of Warcraft(read here) I have decided to investigate what other vices MMORPGs indulge themselves in. If MMORPGs can stoop so low as to have you ...


Another Brick to the Xbox Wall

As you may have guessed, my Xbox 360 just became a useless brick. I was just idly watching a movie when I was visited upon by the Reaper of Red. The system died without even a whimper. Apparently I got a very popular error (E 74). While thi...


Myst Online - Open sourced MMO = ?

I got to hand it to Cyan Worlds. They have truly done something that may very well cause a revolution in how we play MMORPGs. Cyan Worlds, the creators of the famous Myst series, released some time ago Myst: Online. This was to be an MMO ve...


Weird WoW Fetish?

A very enlightening post by Tenfoldhate has given me the shock of the day. While this HAS to be some type of prank, part of my soul tells me it's not. I wouldn't be surprised to find that is a completely legitimate proposal. Has World of Wa...


Shin Megami Tensei: A glimpse

Anytime you hear a MMORPG is free to play, you are almost guaranteed for it to be from average to utter crap. However I must say Aeria Games has made a pretty decent game here. For one I've yet to play a MMORPG with combat this active...


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