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About Danouroone of us since 1:07 PM on 06.13.2012

Take a gander, I've gotta lotta good things on sale, stranger...
Well... I'm nothing short of a man mountain with hair and an attitude that sways me towards the whole 'try not to be vein whilst writing in these about threads, but still try to be cool and informative' type of attitude. I'll be cool and say I'm an athiest, although, if there is anything... I'd love to know. In September I'll be rolling in a Games Development course at Barnsley College, with my main interest being in story development and conceptual art. I think the stuff i'll be making would be pretty break through shit [Smile]

I love sci-fi and fantasy: from miniatures to books to games and music.
I like serial killers, philosophers, electronics, biology, metal, indie, prog and making things.
Basically, I'm a walking nerdy cliché that fits the mould of your typical girlfriendless, un-sociable loser... actually, I am pretty sociable if the dood I'm talking to is rad.
I don't like to argue about stuff and I'm not as bad as I sound in this about section... hm, there's loads more, but i can't be bothered typing.
Well, i enjoy punctuation when i REEEEALLLY need it, but sometimes, it just looked cooler with lower case stuff.
I don't like making sense, and if i think of anything crazier and intelligent to put here... i will!

I got into gaming as a kid, man. Always loved it.
My favourite games right now are Bioshock, Gears, Enslaved, World of Warcraft and... to throw in the cooler old school aspect... Dungeons and Dragons.

Right now I'm playing World of Warcraft... dood, you just can't stop playing that. But in terms of completion... a cool game called Blades of Time, and also Where the Wild Things Are, which is an amazing counterpart to both the book and the film.