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Characters of Grand Theft Auto V

So, whenever someone is interested in picking up a new game, they’ll probably be interested in a few key things. Gameplay is one of the most important factors, and for many players, the game’s story and characters are also important. Grand Theft Auto V has been available since September, but some people still haven’t gotten a chance to pick it up. If you’re thinking about getting the latest GTA game to see what all the hype is about, read on to learn more about the playable characters of GTA V.

Unlike in previous GTA games, GTA V has three playable characters: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Phillips. These three team up to rob the city’s big businesses, but each has his own reasons for getting involved. Michael and Trevor are old partners, as they used to be bank robbers together. However, Michael made a deal with the FIB and moved on, eventually getting a mansion in Los Santos, where he lives with his family. His motivation for the heists is to get back the money he has recently lost. Trevor, who now has his own enterprise selling drugs and weapons, joins him once again. The newcomer to their little mission is Franklin, a young man who works as a repo agent for a car dealership, but whose dreams extend far beyond the salary that job brings in.

They may be protagonists, but that doesn’t mean they’re heroes. Although Franklin is calm and tries to keep the other two in line, Michael is selfish and hot-tempered, and Trevor is a sociopath, if not a full psychopath. The reactions of critics and fans to these three were mixed—some liked them and though they were a fresh change of pace from the typical GTA protagonists, but some found them wholly unsympathetic (though some excluded Franklin from that category). Regardless, they are GTA V’s protagonists, and their personalities are set. Whenever you play as one, the other two go about their day-to-day lives, rather than standing by idly somewhere until you switch characters.

Once you play through to a certain point in the game, you’ll be able to change characters whenever you want in free roam. During missions, it’s a little bit different, as you’ll only be able to switch between them when it’s necessary to complete an objective. The character-switching feature of GTA V was generally well-received.

When we spoke about the critical elements of video games, we should have mentioned that cheats are important to some players, especially in a series like GTA, which is known for having tons of codes you can enter to achieve new and interesting effects. GTA V cheats are no exception, and as you play with these three characters, you can enter codes straight from your game to make them act drunk, alter their wanted level, and more. Leap from building to building with a super jump; run and swim at faster speeds than ever before. If you’re just having a good time in free roam (as cheat codes cannot be activated during missions, to keep the game balanced), check out some GTA V codes to see what you can do.
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