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PAX East recap: A Dtoid victory at Pitch Your Game Idea!

Allow me to set the stage for you: It was Sunday morning, the last day of PAX East. I arrived at the convention center alone, ready to wander about until I run into the inevitable Dtoider or find something fun to do. After picking up a bacon sandwich and glancing over my schedule, I noticed that the second Penny Arcade panel was set to start in an hour and a half. Being as popular a panel as it is, I figured I might as well head to the main theater and camp out, eat, and pictochat until Gabe and Tycho appeared. What I didn't realize is that, moments after I arrived in the main theater, the PAX East "Pitch Your Game Idea" panel was set to start. I've got no idea how I missed that on the schedule, but I was extremely pleased. There I was. Nothing else to do. The line wasn't too long. The mic was just down the aisle from me. What did I have to lose?

Okay, now rewind to Saturday. Whilst palling around with some Dtoid bros, (and no matter how much I wrack my brain, I cannot remember which ones, so sorry! Comment if it was you.) we develop a most excellent idea for a game. We decided that, if given the chance to pitch a game idea, all you'd have say is 'Lady Gaga Moonwalker', and immediately, you'd be awarded first place.

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