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PAX EAST: Five great reasons to start caring TODAY

Okay, yeah, I get it, people are extremely excited about PAX, which is awesome. PAX is great. It has been great, and it's only getting better. With only a scant few months to go before the event, announcements like Ron Gilbert's keynote and the partial (though already amazing) band lineup, people are understandably hyped to high heaven already. But I'm here to tell you today why you shouldn't give two cares about PAX, and instead start looking forward to its Bostonian counterpart, PAX East.

Like that beautiful bastard right there. That's Topher Goddamned Cantler, and he's from Baltimore. Baltimore is really really close to Boston. All signs point to this being the absolute perfect opportunity for me to achieve my life goal of buying Mr. Cantler a beer.
Oh, and I guess some other East coast folks will be there too. Samit is from New York, right? Wait, are Yankees fans allowed in Boston? Point being, East coast party is a good party. It won't be quite the same as the one in Seattle, but it'll have a flavor all its own that will, without a doubt, be worth experiencing. You gonna be there, too? Put your name on the list.

Reason 5: It's only 261 days away!

That's right, in just 261 short days, PAX East opens its doors to the gaming public. That's, like... way less than a year. That's not even enough time to fully gestate a human being, let alone gestate sufficient hype for a convention of these proportions. So come on, people! Get excited!

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