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So I've played 319 games since 2017. I began keeping track a few years ago, and recently I've been organizing it into a spreadsheet. There's a tab for played games by year. Backlog (incomplete). And Played by console (also incomplete). Link in comments.


If the Prince of Persia Trilogy games had just been pure platforming without any of the combat, they'd have been perfect.


Welp, turns out Cubivore is the best game ever made.


Turns out just getting to the end of The Force Unleashed II wasn't about the gameplay, it was about keeping the game from crashing. Most of the problems were FMV related, but really, it just wasn't a great game. Old PC ports are a mixed bag for sure.


Bought the Star Wars Complete Collection on Steam because I love Star Wars games and also to fill out my SW collection gaps and play the games I've previously ignored. Just finished The Force Unleashed - NOT BAD!!! Doing the DLC and then on to the sequel.


Geist is a cool 'hidden gem' for the Gamecube! Two levels left. Using Dolphin but I might buy it for my collection after I'm done. Up next is either Star Wars Bounty Hunter or Cubivore for GCN games I've never played. Cubivore on eBay though... holy shit!


B4TTERED, the 4th game in my video game series about a renegade pancake named Sloppy Joe who's after his nemesis Wawful, an evil waffle, is coming along nicely. I've got until Friday to finish it for this year's International Pancake Film Festival.


69 years ago today, at 4:20am, the world was blessed with the presence of a fully grown adult child - Chris Moyse. I'm honored to be walking the earth at the same point in history as he is. You don't look a day over 12 Chris! Congrats! Keep up the work.


As I suspected: Final Fantasy Adventure is way more fun than Secret of Mana (for me!) so far. I'm sure this has been argued to death, but is the menu system in SoM a goof? It's a joke right? It's an unintuitive mess. Anyway, I still like the game a lot.


The new Lightning Bolt album slaps so damn hard.


I'm liking Final Fantasy Adventure (in the Collection of Mana) so much (seriously, I love it) that I might just get the Vita remake after I finish it just to play it again, but differently. Why isn't that on Steam by the way?


Hitman series update: Just finished Contracts. So far it's easily my favorite of the bunch. Blood Money is all set up, running at 1440p and looking nice. On to the second mission and from what I can see, this looks like it might be the best one.


Decided to play the Killzone games. Buy the Trilogy on eBay. Seller uses slowest shipping option available. Wait two weeks. The first game doesn't run off disc. Tries to install. Fails every time at 5%. Give up. Buy game again on PSN. Miss N64 carts.


Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is really cool... and also a huge reminder of why stealth based games always disappoint me. AI is hard. So far the best missions are the ones that spell out the solution for you - like the one with the 2 car bombs.


The first Hitman (Codename: 47) is uh, it's a bit rough. I can see why it took off though - it's a pretty complex game for the era it came out in. That said, it's a janky mess too.


My last qpost went over like a lead balloon, so I'm gonna change it up: Give me your opinions of these 3 collections because I've never played any of them. Jak and Daxter Collection (PS3), Sly Collection (PS3), and The Ratchet and Clank Collection (PS3).


I'm hooked on Breath of Fire II (GBA) finally (dropped it shortly after I started it). Although that encounter rate is a beast. I will forever prefer on-screen enemies. Forever. Anyway, Just finished up the Witch Tower, probably halfway? Loving it so far.


Just finished Grand Theft Auto Advance. It wasn't terrible (though the framerate was - we're talking sub 10fps the whole time). It's got me wanting to play 1 and 2, plus the London expansions, as those are the only ones I've never finished or played.


Blazing Lazers was fun... up until level 8 and 9. That bubble level sucked! I've slowed down on my Shmup conquests for sure, but next up I want to try to play the Thunder Force series. Also still have R-Type Delta and Final to finish, as well as Gradius V


@Tricerapops Just 100% completed Astro Boy: Omega Factor! I couldn't put it down and while I thought playing it twice would be some terrible slog, it turns out the 'real' game starts after the first ending. What a joy! The framerate was the only bad part!


Ok, just finished Red Faction II in one sitting (both in one day!) Not even close to as bad as I read it would be. Both games are a 5/10. To be honest, I enjoyed II more, but they both sort of sucked. Now back to Guerrilla guilt free and caught up.


I guess I just accidentally played the entire first Red Faction today. I know I played this back in the day... but did I ever finish it? Oh well, I just did. Solid 5/10 game (on the D'toid scale). Or maybe it was 2 I played? Just bought 2, let's find out.


A Short Hike was a short joy, and I finally finished Red Dead Revolver yesterday after a long hiatus. Somehow my new Ryzen 3400G is better at PS2 emulation than my FX8350. I mean it makes sense, but somehow I still didn't think it'd be stronger...


The custom MiniITX case is 'mostly' done. Here's a bad night shot. I'll post more another day and some with the lid off. But first I sleep.


How do we all feel about Lords of Shadow? I'm finally setting out to finish it (I've had 4 false starts on this one), but I'm finally at about the halfway point (just played chess with the creepy vamp girl). I like the scenery and the story. The game...


One hundo done with Boxboy! + Boxgirl!. Except S rank levels. I hope this is it for the series. I like the games, and I love trying to break the puzzles and finish with as few blocks as possible, but I've had my fill after 4 games. How bout another Pushmo


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