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If anyone has a minute, I've been cleaning up my oldest, very first game - adding crt filter, controller support, etc. There's a download link if you want to play with it. Not a "fun" game, but rather an art project for my graduate thesis. Check a look.


I've spent the last day and a half FINALLY implementing xinput controller support for my game engine. All inputs report! No ties to code yet. Unfortunately this library can't handle disconnects, or while running gamepad discovery. My two pet peeves. Shit.


Spent the day playing River City Ransom: Underground and I'm near the end. Honestly... this game is a bit grindy and generally pretty annoying? Also Mega Man Zero Collection is on sale and I got it so... HERE WE GO AGAIN!


I don't know if this is gonna show in the image upload, but the CRT filter became an obsession... of course. Just adding a filter broke a bunch of other scaling code which I had to re-write. But this looks WAY better than the last attempt. It GLOWS now!


Just finished up Cyber Shadow 100%(except the 'feats'). This game was an absolute joy to play from beginning to end and a huge inspiration. I'm already sad it's over and need more! Amazing. Might get Curse of The Moon 2 to hold me over.


Spent my day writing a CRT filter for my games. Didn't plan to wake up and do that but it was fun. Definitely hiding from a parallax scrolling issue that I haven't been able to solve for over a week though.


My journey to the dark side is complete. Mega Man X8 is done. Yes, it was better than X6 and X7, but sort of in the way one might distract someone with a gunshot wound by breaking their fingers. Better? Good riddance Mega Man X - they made 7 too many.


Mega Man X series update: I finished X6 last night and I have the final level left to do in X7. X6 is without question one of the worst video games I've ever played. X7 is, well it's bad, but it's not bad in the way X6 is, so I'm not hating quite as much.


So the XBLA version of Goldeneye is out in the wild but it doesn't seem to run on my GPU yet (5700XT) and others with similar generation cards are reporting the same issue. If you're so inclined, it's out there to try on Xenia or modded 360. Have fun.


LOL, X6 you little minx. That was, bar none, the worst level I've ever played in any video game ever made. Wow.


I know I said I was gonna take a break but I didn't: Mega Man X5 was a stinker! I'm sorry Navi if I ever said a mean thing about you - Alia: HEY MEGA MAN, DON'T FALL DOWN THAT HOLE. HEY MEGA MAN, SHOOT THE ENEMIES. HEY MEGA MAN, WATCH OUT FOR THE SPIKES!


I wanted to get back to my R-Type series playthrough so I just wrapped up R-Type Delta. My god. What an experience. Yes, I used save states. It's a 'checkpoint' shmup so there's no way to tank it with unlimited lives anyway. Let's give Final a go now!


Just blew through Mega Man X4 in a couple hours. I think I liked it better than X3, but the final Sigma fight was once again a dumpster fire and I had to Rookie Hunter my way to completion. Oh well. This is my stop though. I need a break before X5-X8.


Yeah I had to turn on Rookie Hunter Mode to beat Sigma in X3 I don't care. That shit was ridiculous. On to X4 and OH MY GOD THE INFAMOUS CUTSCENES!


Just finished Mega Man 11. Great game. Though I'm not surprised the worst level in the game, and maybe all of the Mega Man games I've played, is Torch Man's level. Torch Man's level is shit.


Cyber Shadow got me inspired to go back and finish Oniken. It worked. Pushed through and beat the damn thing. It had crashed enough times to get me to walk away for good. Tried it on a different PC and no issues. Glad I did. Great Game I def recommend.


Saying goodbye to this guy tomorrow morning. It's been a ride bud. Gonna miss you.


PSA BUMP I've been complaining for years about the Android versions of Sonic 1 and 2 not coming to any other platform. Now they've been decompiled and you can run them on PC. The games are free on the Play store and easy to get the assets for.


Judgement Silverword is probably the first shmup I've ever put more than 5 hours into. After 8 hours total during a period of over a year, I finally beat it on... easy. So I don't even get to fight the real final boss. Oh well. I need to move on.


Finally played Secret of Monkey Island today. What a cozy game. I love the occasional point and click, especially when the puzzle solutions aren't too obtuse and I have to say this one was pretty good about not being annoying. On to the sequel!


I should probably grab Good Job! and Clubhouse Games from the eShop huh? Both are on sale.


41 uh...Gulp. Uh... maybe I'll do that pacifist run?


Undertale was cute and quirky I suppose. Like, it was good. I'm glad I played it. But I'm definitely afraid it's been a bit hyped up all these years so I don't know what I was expecting, but what I got definitely didn't wow me. It never really resonated.


If I had the money I have now, as a child in an arcade, I would have carried a bucket of quarters around and finished so many shmups. WHY?! Why do so many modern shmups have limited continues?! I'm good for it man! I have a bucket of virtual quarters!


I've had 1001 Spikes on my backlog for probably 6 years now. The first game I see when I filter "backlog" in Steam. Taunting me! Nearly done, for years. welp, the game is finished... I mean... I got the credits. I'm not doing that Antarctica level, sorry.


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