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I just finished up Observation. Absolutely stunning visual presentation, iffy execution, and a story I'm not sure on. But I don't regret playing it, and can't say I've ever experienced anything else quite like it. Anyone else play this? Thoughts?


50 hours later and Mafia III is done and I do mean done. I'm not an achievement hunter, but I did everything in the game from collectables to DLC to the weed and bar build out stuff. This game gets shit, but I had a great time with it. 4 soon? I hope!


Bunch of games for sale if anyone is interested. Let me know in the comments.


I kinda like Mafia III... and maybe it's just a touch underrated? I don't know... it certainly has issues. But I just really like the main character, the setting, and taking over the city. It's all a bit samey though for sure. I can't defend that.


I took a break from Anodyne 2 a while back, but last night I stayed up until 1am to finish it completely. I can say without a doubt that I found this game profoundly satisfying, and for a multitude of reasons see it as one of my new all time favorites.


The what should Dangus play on his PS3 next qpost? Options inside.


Playing through the Resistance series and while it's maybe too early to call, Retribution is easily the best game so far by a country mile. That and I've started 3, which is clearly going to be the best of the FPS titles. No idea on Burning Skies yet.


Ok fine I'm coming around to the PS4 Spiderman game. Realized I don't have to play any of the missions, just swing around and look for backpacks and take pictures. 10/10. I'll get around to the story some day.


Restarted Killzone Shadow Fall and I don't hate it! It reminds me though that I DO hate collectables in largely linear games. They influence how I play. I try real hard at first to find them, waste my time, and then eventually give up 5 levels in.


Not really sure what the deal is with the FOV in Killzone: Mercenary. It's at like 25 degrees. But it's a handheld system? I can hold it closer to my face than a TV screen? Why so low? Is nausea an intended part of the Vita experience? Like... why?


Was looking through PS3 exclusives I've never played and remembered the Resistance series. So I just got the collection on eBay for 26 dollars. I hope I didn't just make a mistake.


That's Captain Commando done. Just Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit left to do in the Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle. Of the 5 I've played so far, CC is easily the first one that I'd describe as 'fun' in the classic sense. The rest are a little stuffy.


Oh cool the final boss fight in Golden Abyss is just a bunch of QTE swipes on a touchscreen that doesn't work correctly half the time. I've seen this cutscene 5 times now and my Vita is close to ending up in a wall...


Still in a beat-em-up mood. What's the word on the Capcom Beat-Em-Up bundle on Steam? It's half-off right now. Worth a play for 10 bonez? Thoughts? I've already played Final Fight so I won't be getting it for that, but how are the other ones?


I'm having a tough time with the last level in Streets of Rage 4. I need a buddy, but I hear the online is bad. Anyway, here we go again...


Is making it to platinum in Rocket League an accomplishment? Well if it is I just did that. Should be booted back to gold 3 in no time. Lost my first match at Plat anyway. After 130+ hours I'm finally feeling good at this game! Yes I'm bragging so what?!


I played Streets of Rage 1-3 as Blaze and you're gotttt damn right I'm playing 4 that way. Also I have a crush on her. Shut up. Stahpp. No you. Shut up! Shut. UP. DON'T TELL HER. PUT DOWN THE PHONE. STOP. stop. Who's number are you dialing? STOP. Please?!


Happy Birthday Sir Shenanigans. Your gift is in the mail and headed to Luchatown.


I'm 40% through both Jak3 and Daxter (the PSP game) as I play them both simultaneously. Starting to get a clear picture of how I'd rank this series: Daxter>Jak3>Jak1>Jak2 - Jak X and The Lost Frontier are still TBD as I haven't gotten to them yet.


If you're ever curious about why we aren't all driving hover cars everywhere because dammit it's 2020 - just play Jak II for twenty minutes and you'll have your answer.


I've got a Nintendo Switch cloud save question in the comments that I'm having a hell of a time finding the answer to online. Let me know if you know the answer.


The final boss in Luigi's Mansion 3 is awful. There I said it. Fuck. I'm hating this game right now.


Resident Evil 3 Remake done. Hardcore mode. 7.5 hours to finish. And uh.. C rank. Oh well. I really liked this and it was a lovely companion to 2's remake. The length was perfect, and I didn't mind the final boss fights. I would love if they did CV next.


My wife just bought a Switch Lite (turquoise) from Best Buy website for delivery at MSRP. They're out there I guess, and for the correct price. She was too jealous watching me play Animal Crossing. Nintendo totally restricted saves exactly for this reason


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