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Top 10 weapons/items I'd like to see in Metal Gear Solid V

It's a shame that MGSV has gotten a bit of a bad rep recently due to how expensive the whole thing is going to be if you buy both parts of it as soon as they come out. It means that a lot of people (myself included) are going to wait for a more reasonably priced complete edition, which is unfortunate. That said, I personally look forward to playing the actual game, enough so for me to make a wish list of items and weapons I'd like to see in either this game or future installments.

Being an increasingly deep series of stealth action games, Metal Gear always allows for a wide variety of tools that the player can use. Anything from grenades and combat knifes to cardboard boxes and crocodile hats is fair game here, and it's that kind of potential that often lets the imagination run wild, so here we go:

10. Stink bomb

Basically a form of long lasting stun grenade that makes enemies pass out from sickness. Unfortunately, it is every bit as effective on Snake, unless he happens to be wearing a gas mask or something (if those are even in the game). I've always liked being able to use stench againts my enemies in games, and it's way too rare that I'm allowed to do that, so I think it's about time that Metal Gear sets a smelly example.

9. Spoon

We've already had a fork, so why not? While this would be totally useless against enemies, it should allow Snake to dig tiny holes in the ground, where he might find some burried goods.

8. Boomerang

Hidden weapon. Throw it like you throw any other item, only this one will come back. Unless there's something in the way of course, at which point it will fall to the ground, ready to be picked back up.

7. Vuvuzela

Also hidden. Equip it, press the action button, and lure over tons of enemies with some goddamn CULTURE! Very effective, but also dangerous, as enemies may come from all sides. Use with caution!

6. Long sword

Definitely well hidden. MGS has already experimented with knifes and even katanas, so having Snake being like a fucking knight seems like a logical step forward. Extremely powerful against nearby enemies, for obvious reasons.

5. Time Net

This one needs an explanation: I never got to play Snake vs. Monkey, which sucks, because I fucking adore Ape Escape. They should totally bring it back, but properly, with the Time Net. Of course, the best way to do this would be to have the net be controlled by the right analog stick, as it was always meant to be. Simply unequip the item if you wish to change the camera angle, then equip it again once that damn monkey is right under your nose!

4. RC car

Another Ape Escape-inspired idea, although this one would totally work even without SvM. Also controlled by the stick, same rules as above apply. It's gonna be like War of Wonder all over again!

3. CornerShot

Developed in Israel and commonly used by SWAT teams as well as special forces, the CornerShot is handy in that it lets you fire around corners without exposing yourself to enemy fire. A perfect fit for this series if you ask me. While you could argue that this might make the game too easy, who is to say that this will only be used by you? Give it to a couple of enemies too, and I think it's fair for all.

2. Booze

Equip, press item button and watch Snake go bottoms up! He then gets super-ass drunk, and unlike in many other games, remains drunk for a long period of time. Self-imposed super hard mode! Drunken CQC! Terrible aim! Drunk driving! Hallelujah!

1. Luchador mask

The would be the kind of super secret item that's usually reserved for the second playthrough. More than a cosmetic change, this would replace basic CQC with wrestling moves! The usual throws would become suplexes and piledrives! Interrogation would have Snake hold his enemy's head in a tight grab under his arm! Basic punches would be slower, yet much more powerful! Snake would be able to body slam any enemy on the ground! Tell me you would not want all of this! Tell me!

Do you have any ideas for weird or cool items and weapons? If so, feel free to share!
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