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Dishono(u)red 2 is real cheap right now, and I'm considering it. I remember having a real bad time with the first one, but I love stealth games so much. Maybe I'll like this one better. Help me decide?


Important update on the Cyberpunk situation:


The virgin tears in rain vs the CHAD turd in the wind


It was nice of Dark Souls 2 to make the boss at the end of the big spider cave super easy, so I won't have to run through that nightmare over and over.


These games are hilarious


Why isn't Edge Chronicles a huge, gigantic thing? I'm a book and a half in, and it's wonderful. Are you telling me nobody wanted to make movies and shows about this cool world?


congratulations to me for winning the 'didn't watch the boring-ass award show' award lol


Not to get political or anything, but kings on Twitter are way too clumsy. They keep dropping their crowns!


You didn't need to hear this from me, but Fargo (the show) is dope as hell.


I mean they know what this looks like, right? Especially after all the Covid deaths.


I can't believe Ronald Rump slipped on a banana peel and fell into the sun lol rip


Sometimes I wonder what the Tekken 3 announcer guy is doing right now. Do you think he's happy?


When you try to do NaNoWriMo and No Nut November at the same time.


I still play and enjoy Fall Guys AMA.


I gotta say this landslide was unexpected.


This should be enough to put Agent 47 in Smash. The reveal trailer can start with Pikachu getting hit with a brick of cocaine.


Huge triple-chocolate-thanks for all the sweet and brilliant comments on my latest blog! You're all amazing!


i just posted the most important blog in my life and now i'm going to bed goodnight


8 episodes into What We Do in the Shadows. Show rules, but I might take a break and dive into Fargo or True Detective. Current watchlist:


Uncharted movie spoiler: The big treasure is going to destroy itself and Nake's gonna steal just enough of to get a little rich, but not so rich that he stops being relatable.


I've made the switch from Netflix to HBO (for a number of reasons), and I don't know if it's my mind playing tricks on me, but everything looks a little darker. Not a huge problem, but it makes the service a little harder to get used to.


I think the site is confused...


Ryan George may have peaked.


"Oh wow, I sure would like to read a blog that takes the piss out of Ubisoft and was slapped together in like 20 minutes." Well, today's your lucky day! https://www.destructoid.com//blogs/Dango/5-other-ubisoft-games-that-need-a-shitty-remake-603568.


Yves Guillemot's YouTube apology video.


About time.


No price for the next-gen systems, eh? I GUESS THEY'RE FREE!


Bob Odenkirk was unrecognisable on stream. What a performance!


I had a son and watched him grow up during that WoW trailer.


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