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A solid chunk of my gigantic blog is now lost, probably because the word limit was stricter than anticipated. Might have to split this thing up.


I put a message in Dark Souls 3 saying "Rear ahead, therefore praise the thumb!" and I'm so proud of myself. Took a classic and put a fresh spin on it.


I put a message in Dark Souls 3 saying "Rear ahead, there for praise the thumb!" and I'm so proud of myself. Took a classic and put a fresh spin on it.


I'm starting to think having a strong single-player focus is a good idea.


Working on a monster of a blog. Might be a while before it's out because it's something I have a lot of thoughts about.


Dan and Leo is such a winning combo. It's wild to think that they're both ex-GameInformer staff who never worked there at the same time.


We finally got some real snow here. Time to make some snowballs and put them in the freezer in case some annoying children come by!


Every bug is a Bugsnak if you're gross enough.


My Friend Pedro has the greatest twist ending of all time.


I don't think I'll like the Duke as much as the RE4 guy, but that's also a really high bar.


I'll never find out if they saw through my bullshit or just wanted to see what the switch did.


"My name is Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa," Gyoubu said calmly.


Even though I love Sleeping Dogs, I've never managed to finish it. I keep getting distracted by all the silly crap you can do, like locking people into car trunks and jumping from car to car.


Here's my Backloggd wishlist, featuring both upcoming games and games I've missed but which I really want to play. This serves as evidence that video games are dumb and expensive and mean for making me want them.


2021 fashion's off to a great start


Finished the first Edge Chronicles trilogy yesterday, because I'm a slow-ass reader (and also Christmas). It got a lot darker than I expected, but kept up the incredible imagination and sense of adventure. Definitely still want to read them all.


Should probably have mentioned earlier that you can read the prologue of my upcoming book right here, if anyone's interested: upagainstmooneye.com/prologue


We already have a strong contender for BRYVOTY (Banana Related Youtube Video of the Year).


The way Dishonored 2 bugs out all the time and looks like a PS3 game is just full of the exaggerated swagger of AN UNFINISHED FUCKING PRODUCT GOD DAMN IT WHY


merry chris ass


Dishono(u)red 2 is real cheap right now, and I'm considering it. I remember having a real bad time with the first one, but I love stealth games so much. Maybe I'll like this one better. Help me decide?


Important update on the Cyberpunk situation:


The virgin tears in rain vs the CHAD turd in the wind


It was nice of Dark Souls 2 to make the boss at the end of the big spider cave super easy, so I won't have to run through that nightmare over and over.


These games are hilarious


Why isn't Edge Chronicles a huge, gigantic thing? I'm a book and a half in, and it's wonderful. Are you telling me nobody wanted to make movies and shows about this cool world?


congratulations to me for winning the 'didn't watch the boring-ass award show' award lol


Not to get political or anything, but kings on Twitter are way too clumsy. They keep dropping their crowns!


You didn't need to hear this from me, but Fargo (the show) is dope as hell.


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