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I'm so glad they finally fixed the design! This movie is looking way better now.


Wolfenstein II was NUTS! I'm so glad I played it. Here's my proudest moment:


The Australian version of Godzilla would just be a gigantic spider named Cunteridoo.


There are so many games I have yet to play and so many movies I have yet to watch, and it feels like an impossible mission to do so while I'm also trying to improve on myself and get out more. Every day is too short.


This is the best thing that's happened this year.


A huge spider ran under my fridge this morning, and when I got home, someone had made progress in Darksiders 3...


"Inverted" camera controls are the only thing that makes sense in third person games. You're not looking left like in an FPS, you're swinging the camera right!


This is what GameStop took from us. :(


A bunch of Game Informer people are being laid off, completely out of nowhere. Many of them played a huge part in making their video content so great too. It sucks.


Actually, Shakespeare is all watered down because the ice melts faster. Real afficionados prefer Stirspeare.


Crazy to think that a remake of a PS1 title may end up being one of the best games of the year.


Well Ubisoft, that was a boring conference, but I must say... I watched a good dog.


Master Chief as he bravely rushes into battle:


I can't believe how much genuinely impressive art there is of Garfield as a scary monster.


Having a blast with PhotoFunia!


"Something seems to be going down on the roof. We'd investigate if we knew how to get up there." (Mild spoilers)


#selfietoid I don't know how to rotate images when posting with my phone please help


Next From Software game should be about pirates. Crazy ghost ships and sea monsters and treasure hunting and shit! You can't tell me it wouldn't rule.


RIP Notre Dame. You were a kickass building.


I just want this forever.


I looked up the first picture of a black hole, only to realise it was the picture in the goatse joke I saw here earlier. This is my life.


Didn't expect the first big upgrade in Sekiro to literally double my health bar, but it feels earned after I had to beat that ridiculous spear guy!


Simpsons shitposts are a never ending source of joy for me. I can't get enough of them.


I have to respect the dropkicking ogre in Sekiro. He was a worthy opponent who fought with style. Fuck him though, I'm glad he's dead.


Had a little extra to spend!


I sure should have watched Age of Ultron and Dr. Strange before Thor: Ragnarok. Guess it's everything or nothing with these movies.


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