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TimeShift: Afterthoughts.

I just finished playing through TimeShift, which all in all is a pretty ok shooter. The time manipulation lends itself to some very clever puzzles and allows you to become fairly inventive in the disposal of foes.

The story line though was pretty lacking, not going to drop any spoilers here, but don't get your hopes up for anything too gripping. It draws a few parallels to Half Life in a sense, "silent scientific protagonist attains powerful suit, ass kickery ensues". What it lacks in story it makes up for in an amazing art style and flaming bullets. Yes, flaming bullets, the gun in question has earned itself a spot in my heart for it's ingenuity, destructive prowess, and general radness.

Normally I don't like to write on my thoughts about a game, because I for one, don't usually trust other peoples judgement when it comes to games and like to find out for myself, but when I got to the ending I knew I had to speak my mind. I have not seen a game end this poorly in the past half-decade, words cannot fully describe the sense of anti-climax and general bed shittery that overwhelmed me when the credits began to roll. Once again, no spoilers, so I wont delve too deep, but I have come to expect at least a tiny level of story telling in this latest generation of games. To me, it seems as if the game's ending was actually the second last mission and they either ran out of funds, time, or ideas and decided to end it then and there.

For that fact alone I decree this game to be rent-worthy and not belonging on the game shelves of the tasteful.

Also, the multiplayer is meh. I guess that adds to the rental only factor as well.
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