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Disappointed People: Now With 100% Less Danger.

Does anyone remember Disappointed People? If you don't, then just quit reading, because you're not going to get this. Well, we were just some dudes who made videos, some of them video game related, and Hamza was kind enough to throw us in...


D-Pad: You used to be cool.

Still recovering from spending the past six months in a suitcase, I was unable to find my headset until last night, so my Halocizing has been fairly muted to say the least. After tackling my storage locker and finally recovering this sacre...


XBOX Live: A dirty little gamerscore thief.

Until yesterday morning I had been without the internets for several months on account of traveling, moving, and work trips. I scraped by though, checking emails on my Blackberry and the like, at one point I was even able to recover my Gam...


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