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So you like gifs...

From my last post it turns out you guys like gifs, lucky for you i happen to make gif videos on youtube. I have more but they arent that great.


Let's Ban Wrestling Games

When i heard that there was another wrestling game coming out, i could only bust out in tears. Wrestling is the fakest shit ever. Why make a game about something that nobody cares about anymore. Wot The Bloody Hell is this?? If wrestlin...


After all your base

Every one knows, when a foreigner makes grammatical errors its funny right. I was looking around on Google maps when I came across this: Yeah well. Right when i saw this store i thought, "Someone set us up the bomb." Do you think video gam...


Portal. Online.

I found this great flash game. Its the concept of Portal. You guys are gonna love it. MMMkay. http://portal.wecreatestuff.com/


Macs Will Rule The World One Day

How many people with laptops have Macs? How many have ACERs? Alright, mmmkay, you dont know a lot of people. Did you actually answer the question in your head? Even worse, out loud? Anyways. The ratio of not owning a mac is 4:50 WTF is a ra...


Old Shool Shit up in here, up in here

I wanted to do a remix of Party Up (Old Skooool DMX) and Mario theme song. The result will be: You know the beat is niiiice right? Unless you're no fan of Hip Hop and Video Game Music. Snoop Kirby, Good Times. Im no freaking DJ tho. BTW,...


Anagram Challenge IS ON!!!

Alright go here and submit your anagrams http://www.destructoid.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=152050#152050 I found these out Huwwy Huwwyyyy. I put 2 favorites already in my Top Ten A new challenger Masturbation - It's nob trauma Twisted I...


Anagram Challenge

I was looking at the Something Awful Photoshop Phriday Anagram Video Game Thread and i had an idea. Think of a phrase, game, person, thing, movie, food, etc and enter it here: http://sternestmeanings.com/ That will give you auto anagrams I...


Parody Game Boxes

Is there a site that has just parody game boxes? Dont Link me to The DToid forums or Worth 1000. \ I just love them, worth1000 has some good ones but i want to know if there is a whole site dedicated to it.


Google 1407

What if google was around in 1407? Tis Beta! Lets hope for a full functioning version of 1407. Spookah, 1 away from 1408.


October 1 - 5th Wii Releases

This could just be the worst week ever, with the exception of SOME games. FAIL! NBA Live 08 Spider-Man: Friend or Foe MLB Power Pros Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Crash of the Titans Balls of Fury Hot Wheels: Beat That! Counter Force Monster T...


Nintendo DS Redisign (Flip)

This is a concept design from way back when the Wii was the revolution. If you saw it already dont bitch about it. On the blog it does say Update: I know this is technically implausible(?) MORE INFO HERE


The Windows Evolution

A found this article on http://mywoorld.com/blog/?p=36 It contains screenshots of every Windows OS there was ever. I never even knew they had windows before 95.


Hilarious Skate. Intro

I was browsing youtube when i found this, it made me crack up. It features all the pros in their crazy acting ways. What do you guys think?



Who thought of the term owned? Now, i want you to do your freakin homework, and find out. Was it Bill Cosby or Martha Stewart? Do you know? I sure dont. So tell me. PS, look at this video:


This is why we need skating games.

We need skating games because of these guys who try to teach you how to skate. I swear, if today was the first day i started to skate, i would be WAY BETTER then these pricks. Im just mad because they disgraced my passion. And who was th...


57 Things We Know Because We Game

Look, i took this article from this link, i did not steal, because i am telling where it came from. I just posted it here so i don't waste blog space with just a link. 1. When you're about to beat someone in a fight, they will rapidly fla...


DanSkater: Poop Emergency

DTOID really has a wicked sense of humor. Is there a list of all of the things i am? If so, linky link plz. Or is there a place i can suggest things, because some of these are hilarious. So is there a link that has EVERY SINGLE THING...


Apparently, some people need instructions

I just realized a couple of days ago when i was playing video games with my friend, they put the instruction booklet in there for something! I didn't know a button combination in Tekken, so instead of busting my ass off for hours on end gue...



This post has pictures, ooo click on it... Ok, I checked 6 sources for the release date of THPG and this is the outcome: Best buy 10/16 Circuit City 10/09 GameStop 10/15 GameSpot 10/15 GameSpy 10/15 I cant believe it but, T...


Ok, my mind is made

Thanks for the comments, I will in fact get My Sims cuz it had the most votes. I hope its worth the while. Maybe i will rent simpsons but for now... ...Sorry Homer


My Sims or Simpsons

Should i get the Simpsons Game or My Sims? I fell in love with the creativity of My Sims but Simpsons platform stuff looks amazing.


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