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Let's Ban Wrestling Games

When i heard that there was another wrestling game coming out, i could only bust out in tears. Wrestling is the fakest shit ever. Why make a game about something that nobody cares about anymore. Wot The Bloody Hell is this?? If wrestlin...


After all your base

Every one knows, when a foreigner makes grammatical errors its funny right. I was looking around on Google maps when I came across this: Yeah well. Right when i saw this store i thought, "Someone set us up the bomb." Do you think video gam...


Macs Will Rule The World One Day

How many people with laptops have Macs? How many have ACERs? Alright, mmmkay, you dont know a lot of people. Did you actually answer the question in your head? Even worse, out loud? Anyways. The ratio of not owning a mac is 4:50 WTF is a ra...


Anagram Challenge IS ON!!!

Alright go here and submit your anagrams I found these out Huwwy Huwwyyyy. I put 2 favorites already in my Top Ten A new challenger Masturbation - It's nob trauma Twisted I...


Anagram Challenge

I was looking at the Something Awful Photoshop Phriday Anagram Video Game Thread and i had an idea. Think of a phrase, game, person, thing, movie, food, etc and enter it here: That will give you auto anagrams I...


Parody Game Boxes

Is there a site that has just parody game boxes? Dont Link me to The DToid forums or Worth 1000. \ I just love them, worth1000 has some good ones but i want to know if there is a whole site dedicated to it.


October 1 - 5th Wii Releases

This could just be the worst week ever, with the exception of SOME games. FAIL! NBA Live 08 Spider-Man: Friend or Foe MLB Power Pros Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Crash of the Titans Balls of Fury Hot Wheels: Beat That! Counter Force Monster T...


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"But the weirdest bathroom I ever encountered was a public toilet at one of the temples. It was just a hole in the ground with a bowl of water next to it (with a ladle in it). Eh?"

- Outer Heaven

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