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T-Shirt Design: The SNES is blatantly better than the MegaDrive

Ey guys, in between playing Dead Space (yeah finally, but fuck me what an awesome game) and raging hard over AvP getting RC'd in Oz, I've been trying to get more of my design work done before I leave this rock of a country. So while I may not be quite up there with the likes of SuitCoatAvenger, I still thought that I'd share what I've been working on lately.


While I normally wouldn't go posting just any of my work up in a c-blog, I figured that this one would be worth sharing as its not just a gaming related shirt, its a personal statement about our beliefs, ideals, and the way we've been brought up in todays society. Ok ok, it might be me whoring my work out just a little bit, but I mostly just wanna see if you guys dig what I've been doin :D

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