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Well, my first video feature for Destructoid just went up!


In the end though, I accept this fate.


Maybe the pursuit of video game journalism was a mistake.


I'm replaying Sonic the Hedgehog 2 right now on 3DS to shake the rust off for Sonic Mania, these guys are the stuff of nightmares.


"In 2016, General Mills announced a campaign called "Smugglaroos", which encourages Canadians traveling to the United States to bring the snack to Americans who want it." Hit me up, I'll be your supplier. Chocolate only though, no vanilla trash.


tfw you kill a franchise and possibly an entire genre


I recorded a podcast with my fellow channel boyz for anyone interested! We talk about Atari speaker hats, digital influencing, a Sonic burlesque show, and more! With that out of the way I'm gonna double down now on my next written project for right here.


Timbaland is still my boy, #MusicToid|Timbaland - The Way I Are ft. Keri Hilson, D.O.E., Sebastian I used to spend hours playing Beaterator making random beats and loops and export them for old video use.


A good watch if you wanna just feel angry about the Emoji movie some more.


I want a dating simulator called "Minecraft Moms" you try to date various moms at Minecon.


For anyone interested, I just finished posting my 3400+ word C-blog monstrosity known as WRASTLETOID 3 that also features other fun things such as 3DS stuff, me being a contributor, and Japan things. Enjoy!


No more suited up hedgehog, but fear not, he's forever preserved in my profile billboard/banner.


That moment when you over think something so much, you completely miss the point.


For anyone in need of sick PUBG tips, be sure to check my latest C-BLOG. With that done, I'm gonna go catch up on some WWE Battlegrounds for another blog post in the near future.


Highlight from yesterday, I notice some people get real worried when they hear gun shots in the distance in PUBG. Whenever I hear gunshots I smile knowing someone is getting straight blasted on. Then I go that direction. Best way to play, honestly.


Right now I'm attempting to reset my sleep schedule by staying awake today (I'm an idiot like that). Any game recommendations for someone with half their normal motor functions and hopped up on caffeine? @shenanigansen on Twitter for more.


Atari sure is becoming relevant again with a brand new console - I think? Not to forget those new "speaker hats", I love how their strategy seems to be summed as: WHAT WOULD THE WORLD OF BLADE RUNNER 2049 HAVE!?


My hands are so god damn sweaty after that, this game is the most stress inducing game I've played in a long time.


I now must go on a journey, a path of self discovery maybe, a road which may see no end. I must become a winner winner, so I can obtain a chicken dinner.


I did a big long cblog-thing on why I think this place is pretty A-ok in my books and giving my somewhat looking from the outside-in perspective and why I'd rather write here than endlessly pitch to random websites at this point in my life. So check it!


The Blackwater Ledger newspaper in Red Dead Redemption is the gift that doesn't stop giving through out the course of this game.


I like how Red Dead Redemption re-creates historical wild west phenomenons. Such as if water was chest high -- you'd immediately be killed by it.


So I'm reading a copy of PlayStation magazine from September 2004 and it has an article from 1Up (RIP) talking about how the PlayStation online service at the time is better because they don't make you pay for it and how this will benefit them long term.


Ye old video game oddities & opinions of yesteryear - issue 2 coming early next month! Yeah that's right, IT'S GOING MONTHLY BABY!


WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL- WRASTLETOID 2 is up now in CBLOGS! Check it out if you enjoy the wrastlin!


This right here be some kino writing music:


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