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If your day is going pretty badly, just remember: You could always wind up being a Funko Pop.


I am another year closer to the grave. I demand cursed Garfield imagery that will fuel my journey.


WE FLY NO LIE- Yo, aight, the PS5 ain't about that Wii, C'MON NOW!


Just a tribute to his favorite food.


On the plus side, when your new Switch looks like this, how can you resist not playing docked?


Just botched putting on two screen protectors for my new Switch, but finally got the third one on with no dust or air bubbles underneath...except it's ever so slightly crooked.


Hey, hi, hello, we're having an AMA on the Destructoid Twitch channel in the next couple of minutes with the developer of Streets of Rage 4! Check it out: https://www.twitch.tv/destructoid


It's sad seeing GTA IV's soundtrack get butchered on Steam, but at least the original soundtrack/main theme of the game is intact and still pure kino.


So, returning to Fallout 76 has been a mostly solid experience with the mindset of simply exploring at my own pace and listening to podcasts while doing so. That said, it still has those moments you'd expect.


23 years later since the original game, things haven't changed much.


Pete Hines and NCR shirt-guy are my heroes of the day.


Anyone else playing SMT: Strange Journey Redux? Well, here's an EXCLUSIVE QTOID DEMON PASSWORD! It's lv 40, costs a fuck ton of Macca, but it's 100% worth it.


Here's a special image, for a special boy, happy b-day Occams!


Yo, so I hear it just so happens to be Wes and Larx's birthdays and one of em' (maybe both?) likes bunny girls. Well, here's arguably the best bunny girl. #WesLovesBunnyGirlsWednesday


Can someone throw $2 my way? I need to call Freddy.


50 fronts! I've lasted this long, I may as well keep going sideways down this highway while drinking and see what happens.


For anyone interested, here's my video review for Power Stone 2!


It's Canadian thanksgiving, I'm bringing homemade pumpkin pie, egg-nog, and caramel covered apples. It's gonna be a good time and I'll weigh an extra 10lbs by the end of it all. I'm also playing this gem all weekend to top it all off.


Well, my first video feature for Destructoid just went up!


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