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Toybox Turbos is basically Micro Machines

Toybox Turbos (PS3, Xbox 360, PC (Tentatively))Developer: Codemasters Racing StudioPublisher: Codemasters Racing Studio Price: £11.99 Release Date: TBC Codemasters Racing Studio have just released this new trailer for the u...


The Theatrhythm contest: second attempt

The Theatrhythm contest is well under way now with the submissions page being open, and i'm getting curious to see what people are coming up with! I really hope more people share their submissions with us. I bet there's some really amazing...


Don't forget to read the instructions

I wanted to enter the Theatryhthm Final Fantasy contest, and I wanted to get the recording out of the way early - only, I misinterpreted the competition and ended up doing a completely different song to the Main Theme that we were supposed ...


About DamnGoodCookieone of us since 3:39 AM on 01.22.2011

Thomas Samuel Bennett is just this guy, you know?
He loves playing video games, watching REALLY BAD films, listening to a hugely eclectic variety of music and LEARNING THINGS!

In his spare time, he creates music for film, game and animation. Which is cool, because he also animates and edits film every now and then. Currently, he is working with Activitision on a super cool videogame!

Some notes from the man himself;

When I think about my earliest living memory, it is always of me playing Danger Mouse on the Spectrum, and I suppose in a way because of that I was pretty much predestined to grow up loving video games.
I played games like Seymour (and later the Dizzy series), Rick Dangerous, Wizball, Nebulus, Onslaught and many other titles spanning the Spectrum, Atari and Windows 3.11 systems. I still have most of these, too.
Of course, technology moves quicker and quicker as time goes by, and the games industry has always endeavored to be on the cutting edge of that technology. To this end, as an avid (but not very wealthy) gamer, I did my best to keep up and, despite being a few years behind the contemporary, still managed to have a great time playing games that to me were new and amazing and to others were old hat and dated.
My point is this - nowadays, I have access to most games and systems at the time of release, and at the current rate that these games are being produced at, there will never be a time when there won't be something groundbreaking or sensational in the works - but in spite of this, I still love the old games that I grew up on, not because of how advanced they were, but because of how fun they are - and I can't wait to see what happens in the future of technology.
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