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Today's Import Haul - April 10, 2008


Not to long ago I said I would share my import hauls on this very c-blog, and so I'm continuing that today. Today is different though - there's no games or cds or figures here.

Do you know what my favorite thing about Japan is? It's not Akihabara. It's not the games or the anime or whatever. It's the junk food. My joy of any Japan trip I've made is the daily raid of the closest konbini to get bagfuls of the crap that I love to eat.

I was supposed to go to Japan this month, but plans fell through. It will be a few more months before I go, but my stomach and tastebuds could not wait any longer. I had to have some food - and most asian markets (other than maybe Mitsuwa) can't supply what I need. Import time.

My favorite thing is bread. I can't get enough of it. I imported several fruit breads, creme bread, and brown sugar bread. I just ate one of the ichigo pan this morning. Yom.

I buy the Karl/Kurl (Kaaru) corn puffs for nostalgic reasons. My father would buy them for me as a kid. You see cheese and salt flavors here. There would've been one more bag, but I already ate it. Also not pictured is a bag of okonomiyaki chips - I feel like shit after eating all of them.

You can get those Baby Star snacks and the Koala cookies in the US sometimes, but I like the mini bags, and ordered a row of them. Back behind the calbee chips is a 5 pack of what is basically instant yakisoba. That shit will make you fat, but I don't care.

Finally, we come to my beloved Lotte Custard Cakes. Really, they're glorified Twinkies, but the texture is superb.

BRB, gotta barf.
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