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How important are MOBAs to you? 

For the people that make them, play them, or promote them, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are the biggest thing since corgis. I know they're a growing segment, and I've seen the player numbers -- I'm not underestimating anything here. I've definitely heard the full rundown on why I should be covering MOBAs on Destructoid, and we have plenty of players of MOBAs on staff. Fine.

But I'm asking you, Destructoid reader. How big of a deal are these games to you? How important is coverage of updates to these titles, in your opinion? If you're a player and follower, would you like to see more coverage? Are we hitting it just right? Not enough? 

I did the asking around about MMOs some time back. I wonder how your word on MOBAs will compare.

Thanks in advance! Corgi nuzzles!
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