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I'll be damned - Persona 3 makes a list!


I think we've seen plenty of the "best games of 2007" lists lately, but I wanted to squeeze in one more from the fine folks at Gamasutra.

When people say that a top ten (or nine in this case, they'll reveal No. 1 tomorrow) list is "good," it's usually because they agree with the selections. I'm not going to lie; I like the selections that the Gamasutra editors have put together, and I like writeups on each game even more.

Maybe it's the nonconformist in me, but it's refreshing to see a list with some variety. The "standards" like BioShock and Super Mario Galaxy rank high, but I'm glad to see Puzzle Quest and Persona 3 alongside them. I don't know about Crackdown, though.

What do you think Gamasutra's No. 1 best game of 2007 will be? I think it's obvious, but they may surprise us again.

The list is here
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