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Are you still Theatrhythming?


I think that some of the people that were excited by the idea of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm might have bought it, played it for a few days, and then sent it to rot in their huge, unfinished game collection. Not judging! I do that all the time. It's just that I'm still in love with this game, and still play it everyday.

I get that rhythm games aren't for everybody, but this one really speaks to me. Sure, it's just tapping and sliding, but its also a journey down memory lane as it lets me (kind of) revisit some of the best moments in Final Fantasy history.

But what really has me coming back is the challenge. I love how they didn't hold back with some of the ball buster levels. Mind you, I've beat this game once already and maxed out several characters with the Japanese version, and I'm almost to the same place again with the US release. I just love it that much.

Am I alone? Or are you still Theatrhythming?
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