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Quick Observation: Downloadable Titles are Harder to Ignore


I realized the other day that I have over 50 games purchased on XBLA and over 30 for steam. I also have 2 on the Wii: World of Goo and Lost Winds. There is also a considerable list of downloadable titles for the PS3 that I am interested in when I finally purchase that system.

My point is, downloadable titles are hard to ignore. Scrolling through the list of XBLA titles I don't have, I realize that I've bought or at least downloaded a trial for every single game I am interested in on the service. There is something about the ease of downloading these titles that makes them addictive. Combined with the ability to switch between games without pulling my lazy ass of the couch and I am thoroughly hooked on downloadable games.

On top of that, if I look at all the retail titles that I have been interested in but missed this generation, the list is staggering, but the list of downloadable titles I've missed is almost zero. The ease of purchasing new games without leaving the house and dealing with the joys of Gamestop is really what does it. For me anyways, downloadable games is the way of the future. I already download every PC game I play from Steam and I look forward to the days when I can do the same thing on my consoles. Until then, I'm gonna have to stick with XBLA and a pile of green DVD cases full of games I'm too lazy too get up and put in my 360.
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