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So Fez II got Cancelled For a Dumb Reason

So Fez II got cancelled recently. Letís talk about it. So if you havenít heard (And letís be honest, by now you probably have) Phil Fish has cancelled Fez II. His reason for doing this wasnít artistic integrity, or a lack of funding, or so...


Shin Megami Tensei Savagery

savagery. A word I hear too often in my time. I walk a path of footsteps following the lives of others. Paths of versatility, pa5ths of heroism, but all too often of Savagery. I see only in shades of red, my hands painted in the lives of ot...


My Many Problems With Final Fantasy 13: Part 2

Itís at this point that once more I need to specify that FF13 does not explain Itís mythology to the viewer, instead expecting them to look it up themselves in the gameís wiki. I personally didnít explain this because I wanted to recreate t...


My Many Problems With Final Fantasy 13: Part 1

I donít like Final Fantasy 13. You could probably guess that from the title, but I REALLY donít like Final Fantasy 13. Itís not because Iím some sort of FF fanboy who is offended by the game or an old school RPG fanatic against anything tha...


The Perfect Batman Game

You mother fuckers best strap in because Imma bout to explain the absolute PIZZERFECT Batman game. Here's what you do: First off you build you a big ass city. I think like, you get Ubisoft Montreal on this shit, because if AssCreed does ...


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