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Next Gen PC,New Shit,Good Shit

Ok,i suck at titles...SO WHAT?? B4 anything,i've updated my PC long time ago with these specs: Case: Antec 900 CPU: Intel Core2Duo [email protected],4Ghz NO OC + Thermaltake Big Typh VX12 Fan RAM: 3GB DDR2 663mhz Graphics Card: XFX 8800GT 512MB DDR...


Team Fortress 2 Fan Art (Furry haters don't click)

In case ya haven't seen it at my 1st blog posty thingy,here's the 3 fan art pics of TEAM FORTRESS 2 i drew so far.. i repeat,Furry haters LEAVE The SCOUT The ENGINEER The SOLDIER + Message (PD: If you got a better message for the so...


VG Fan Art Madness (Fur haters don't read)

So well,this is my 1st blog evah on DToid..To make it a bit different i'll just post up art i've done (no imports) related 2 videogame cosplayin',usin' my Chara as victim (not only mine but some original chara's from games) Other art that'...


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